Problems installing battlefield 4 off if Origin

Enlisted: 2013-12-14
2014-02-03 11:50
If someone could help me that would be awesome. I installed the game and every time I click the icon it takes me to battlelog, not the game. Then I try to play a game from battlelog and it doesn't work. What do I do?
DE Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2014-02-03 11:52
You need to install the plugin for your browser.

Open battlelog, log in. See a yellow circle with an arrow on the top? That is telling you what is needed to run battlefield properly.
Enlisted: 2013-12-14
2014-02-03 13:13
I don't see a yellow circle with an arrow. I have already saved the plugin to my computer but when I try to install it. It goes through the installation but doesn't appear on the toolbar in internet explorer. I have tried redownloading it and installing it but I get the same results.