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Xbox 360 Game Update Feb 18

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We’ve started rolling out a new Battlefield 4 game update on Xbox 360. You may experience some downtime during this rollout. As usual, it will take a few hours before the majority of servers are updated.

Among other items, this update addresses issues like the game crashing when entering the IFV/MBT gunner seat, and issues with missing sound. Full update details below.

X360 Game Update Feb 18
-Fix for an issue where spawning into, or switching to, a gunner seat in an IFV/MBT sometimes could cause the game to crash
-Fix for missing sound in Team/Squad Deathmatch
-Fix for an issue in the Defuse game mode, where a bomb carrier would be permanently spotted
-Fix for an issue that would appear if a 10 users party would join a game with 8 available slots, leaving 2 of the players stuck on the loading screen
-Decreased the rate at which the kill card would incorrectly display 0 health, while the enemy was clearly alive
-Fix for an invisible wall that was incorrectly present in one of the fallen concrete pipes on Zavod 311
-Fix for an issue where bullet impact sounds weren’t properly matching the actual number of impacts, causing the players to feel that they died too quickly.
-Fix for an issue where the “Draw” message would not display on-screen once a Conquest round ended with both teams having the same amount of tickets
-Fix for an issue where long IDs wouldn’t scroll on dog tags
-Fix for missing grass physics in terrain
-Fix for an issue where the player camera would be positioned inside of the soldier when parachute spawning
-Fix for a MAV exploit that let players reach various out-of-map locations
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