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Join Our Fun Community at []

Our first official day our Rush map server did well and we have also setup a 2nd server on a trial Basis.

We want players to enjoy the game by having FUN while playing Battlefield.
We are actively recruiting Players to join our Battlefield 4 Community.

You Must Be at Least 18 Years Old To Be Considered for the Adult Membership
And any age under 18 for our junior members section.

Our new Forums are now online!

We want to hear from you! Visit the [] Join us at on our website to join our community.

As a Battlefield 4 Community we are new but have experience within other BF4 communities and being a part of the Battlefield Series BF2 onwards SHIELD has what it beleaves is a great community.

We are excepting cross clan members allowing other clans to join and share knowledge of the game with new and older members enhancing BF4 series.
Our rules allow other clans to wear their tags as well as ours.

If this sounds like a BF4 Community that you want to be a part of then visit the [] Register.

We prefer TeamSpeak3 in game as this allows the players to communicate.

TeamSpeak3 Already Installed? Visit Our Website & Click On The TS3 Auto Connect Button To Auto Join Us on TeamSpeak3! SERVER TS3 DETAILS page.

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2014-02-18 22:22
Congrats Boss on getting your new baby up and running!!!!
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2014-02-18 23:24
Thanks I appreciate it. welcome any time.
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Thread is locked.