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Battlelog Update, March 04 2014

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2014-03-04 09:45 , edited 2014-03-04 11:24 by TheBikingViking
- Thank you for all the great Platoons feedback. Since launching it last Thursday, we've fixed a couple of critical issues, and we'll continue working on it. We'll do a follow up with what's next for Platoons as soon as we have something to share.
- Second Assault is available for all players as of today.

- You can now see the Soldier Portrait image you unlock in the Battlepack itself
- Assignment criteria that needs to be obtained in-a-round now show the completion counter and is marked with "In a round"
- Your best leaderboard is now shown automatically in the top section of the Soldier Overview, unless you have another leaderboard highlighted
- Various minor tweaks and improvements

- Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer 10 not being detected properly, causing the incompatibility message to be shown
- Fixed an issue where Dog Tags were marked as unlocked in the overview if they had been taken
- Better handling of vehicle categories in Stats -> Vehicles that do not have any unlocks or support for Service Stars
- When viewing Assignments in the in-game Battlelog on PC, PS4 and Xbox One now show all criteria, even if it's more than 3
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't kick Members from a Platoon if they don't own Battlefield 4
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't properly sign out from Tablet Commander
- Fixed an issue where soldiers with very high ranks (100+) weren't displayed properly in Tablet Commander
- Fixed an issue with Leaderboards in the in-game Battlelog on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, where it didn't properly load the leaderboard on the first visit
- Fixed an issue with Leaderboards on the web, where the "threshold not passed" information wasn't always shown correctly
- Fixed an issue where a blocked user could still send a friend request to the blocker under a specific circumstance
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't view a soldier's list of Battle Reports, if you were logged out
- The Track button is no longer shown for Kit Unlock items if they have already been unlocked
- Fixed an issue where tracking a Weapon would make accessories appear on the Stats page, and stats appear on the Unlocks page
- Fixed an issue where you could sometimes re-add a Battle Report as favorite, although it was already a favorite Battle Report
- Fixed a display issue with certain forum types on Internet Explorer 11
- The Ribbons counter for medals won't be shown if you have earned the Medal 100 times, which is the maximum amount
- Fixed an issue where you could invite users to a Mission from the profile page even if they don't have BF4 or have it on the same platform as your active soldier
- Various minor issues fixed
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