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Can't see my friend

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2014-06-01 19:08 , edited 2014-06-02 15:56 by AdamSn0w
I and my have a little problem...
We are both friends in origin but I can't see him in battlelog. We wanna play BF3 together and this is really makes it hard.
Can someone help?
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2016-06-13 10:41
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2016-06-13 10:57
Taito999 said:

Are you experiencing this issue? Simply by posting "bump" does not say much. On top of that this thread is over 2 years old.
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2016-06-13 13:15
Wow, best necro ever xD
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2016-06-16 07:23
No wonder these forums are coming to a close....
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Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.