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The Final Stand - Revealed!

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2014-11-13 23:30
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I think that it is pretty clear that people play BF because it is a simulation of real combat and not some space movie imitation. If we want some stupid futuristic game we would play PS2. Or Titan Fall. Stick to your bread and butter and make what you do really clean and you guys will have a consistent fan base. I don't see how this is not evident to you. When gamers want a true war/combat simulator they think of the BF series. Stop jacking it have a superior product to all the other cheap want Ta bes. Like COD. U are killing your name because you have pushed a non-polished product onto your base...WTF. Make a great realistic not futuristic, BF game that works right out of the box and you will be highly rewarded.
I agree, and no cops and robbers too!
yeah...cops and robbers...really.
Thats what Hardline is cops and robbers how pathetic "Battlefield Cops and Robbers" lol

why its the #1 job for returning soldiers...
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omg release it
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