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Battlefield Hardline arrives on March 17!

Enlisted: 2012-11-04
2014-12-09 16:35
cant wait for Hardline. Best shooter of 2015 for sure.
I like coffee.
US Enlisted: 2013-10-08
2014-12-09 17:06
I've pre-ordered it. it'll hold me over untill battlefront comes out. I love that Dice got this title it'll be great.
AU Enlisted: 2012-10-05
2014-12-09 17:18
REDmoony101 said:
jarhead31ooora said:
You people are so gullible!!! Keep buying there product and they are never going to take action and do what needs to be done with the games!!!

look, we play the game for fun and we don't care about the glitch's and the lag, except the freezing but that's it, back to my point. we don't play the game for competition, we play to have fun, so what if there's so much lag that you get put back down to 2 fps, we play the game because its fun, if you complain about a game, you should play COD with all the other people who bitch about how laggy that game is. if you going to bitch about a game about how you hate so much, then don't play it, people like you make the game absolute crap.
And people wonder why the game is still crap... it's because of blind idiots like this^

How can you have fun on a game that barely works? Not to forget you probably paid for it
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Thread is locked.