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Get great team play without a clan - CCGG

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2015-03-02 15:47
Our platoon: []

Get a better BF4 experience - this isn't a "clan thing"

- Objective oriented game play (microphone required) since 1998
- No membership requirements, show up and play!
- Great pool of people, 25+ environment, no ego, no rage
- No need to sink countless hours in, skill level is irrelevant

No ranks, no trials, just concentrated team play for busy people

This is about getting a better game experience. We're seeking more people that are working professionals / career / family oriented that want to carve out the most that they can from a limited amount of time.

Show up, say your hellos and spend 60-90 minutes playing the objective - it's as simple as that!

- Did you used to play competitively but just don't have the time any more?
- Do you want to have heightened level GGs without all the hassles of trialing for clans, etc?
- Do you want to be part of a squad where the revives/ammo/objectives flow like they're supposed to?
- We've been doing this for years now and would like to offer more, with your participation!

We've got a pool of nearly 20 BF4 players from EU and NA that get together on a scheduled basis to enjoy next-level gaming in BF4; with all types of backgrounds from casual to professional we're not stuck on try-hard, ego-fueled, rage-prone experiences.

This is pure teamwork with people that have to be at least 21 years of age (our average is well above that). We try to let you work it in to your schedule but support impromptu gaming as well.

Of course if you want to put in more time, you can! We play other games too, including Evolve, Dying Light, Elite, ARMA 3, CSGO, and more!

Our History & Ethos

We were initially formed in 1998, our Battlefield adventures began with a successful Desert Combat campaign where we put forth everything from a successful competitive campaigns to community initiatives, top players, top personalities and top admins all the way through to an inter-continental membership (currently limited to Australia, Europe and North America).

- Longest lived organization of it's type.
- An adult population, some people that have been active for ten years or more.
- Deeply experienced in everything from in-game performance to sponsorship to resolving conflicts and handling difficult conversations.
- A transparent meritocracy that is about facilitating good games with good people.
- Skill level is irrelevant.

It's been a long while since we had the 3x practice + 2x scrimmage + 1-2x matches a week. We don't really want that any more. What we seek is simple: organized game play without the clan hangups or ridiculous amount of time put in.

An Example

There's many of them, here's a simple one:

We get together on a Wednesday night at 8:00pm ET, exchange pleasantries, get in queue for the chosen server while we "warm up". Somewhere near 8:30pm we call "live" and put two squads in their own Teamspeak channels - one squad is strictly anti-infantry, the other is all about taking down enemy vehicles; communications between the squads happen using channel commander feature of Teamspeak. We play two rounds with emphasis on good calls, helping squad makes and focussing objectives (a great time to use those 200% boosts!). By around 9:30pm ET we call it quits and announce the next time we'll be together while those who want to stay longer continue on as they see fit.

Get started

- Connect to our Teamspeak : and talk to anyone with an "A" next to their name
- Add dox_cc (EU+NA) [] and/or redfireant3 (NA) [] and/or FrostyReaper (EU) [] to Battlelog and drop us a line!

Character, camaraderie, good games!
Longest lived organization of it's type - 17 years! - Battlefield since 1942..
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2015-03-04 23:40
you can also add me on Steam!: []
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2015-03-08 15:49
Always looking for more people to play with!
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Hey guys. Just applied to the platoon. Hope to see you on the battlefield!

I just got Battlefield 4, but played Battlefield 3 extensively over the past few years, so I'm not a total rookie.
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2015-03-13 19:44
could i join
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2015-03-13 21:27
Hey, can you toss me an invite? This sounds exactly like what I am looking for.
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2015-03-15 23:42
Hey guys. I've been looking for a fun experience with active, mature players and this seems to be just what I'm looking for!
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2015-04-20 22:13
Been playing with this guys for over a year now. Great group of friendly people. I'm usually around in the teamspeak. Message me for some games!
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