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Looking for Group? Use Gridom

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2016-02-22 21:30
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2016-02-25 10:48
I'm looking for players/platoon with mic eng/ger
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2016-02-27 02:46
Silent Hunters is recruiting, we a laid back killing crew
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2016-02-27 16:18
That site is dead, I just picked this game up for ps4. Had everything unlocked 2.5 k/d on xbox 360

Just need people to play with, I'll be on all weekend... all day today for sure.

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2016-02-28 19:37
Recently started playing BF4 on PS4. Looking for players or platoons that actually use mic
GamerTag is : cash_redfern88
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2016-02-29 04:09
hi Anyone want to msg me? Im Rank 66 at the moment. I would like to join a platoon that has a few good players but a solid group of people playing would be nice.

Thank you!
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2016-02-29 15:55
danmotoxx said:
We’re pretty stoked to partner with the cut-to-the-chase, Looking For Group (LFG) site, [].

In its basic nature, is an LFG site that allows you to search for other, like-minded Battlefield players in real time!

Find Like-Minded Gamers to Play with in Battlefield Hardline []

Find Like-Minded Gamers to Play with in Battlefield 4 []

It’s incredibly easy to create a Game Lobby, and once you’re done, you’ll automatically enter a Private Chat so that you can IM other players looking to join your party. Once everyone is ready to go, all you have to do is exchange your Gamertag, PSN ID, or Origin/Battlelog username to Friend each other on your platform then start playing.

Built by two ordinary guys who love gaming, but who has had enough with sessions getting ruined by random gamers who don’t play like they do. Truth be told, it’s not getting easier to find the time to look for other legit gamers when we all have to juggle a job, family, friends, and other hobbies. finds like-minded gamers to play with!
Lookin for a clan jabrinie402 hnu
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2016-03-06 19:54
I need a platoon and people to play online with..
Add trussbros on ps4
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2016-03-06 21:15
TrussBros said:
I need a platoon and people to play online with..
Add trussbros on ps4

Add GRIZZ-FowL on PSN to join Black Mass!
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I'd love to join ur squad. im good at all classes! i speak on the mic and i communicate good with squads for example i follow orders and i help others on my team mainly squad members and im good at sniping lol Just saying... i play for ps3 and my psn is donttrustthem
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2016-03-08 00:37
Looking for a squad or platoon, PS4, I'm a versatile player, use any class, I mainly play conquest, I aim to win but lack team players along the way.
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2016-03-09 17:23
I search a group
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I am looking for a group to play with. Have a PS4 and prefer people with mic. PSN:AAAGuardian115 I
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2016-04-01 16:05
Hey guys, Looking for a group of people to play with. I'm on PS4 and have a mic. PSN: Clpullinger
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2016-04-07 00:56
loc and aoc are looking for new talent interested? you should be find us and join the lords of chaos and the agents of chaos
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2016-04-10 23:17
Psn: Proby369
Battlefield 3 and or 4
Mic : yes.
Enlisted: 2016-04-02
2016-04-15 10:14
I want to join
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2016-04-19 10:15
PSN : paffypeople

battlefield 4

Mic : yes
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2016-04-19 23:44
DJxAL3X0 said:
Console: PS4

Rank you must be: Any Rank

Requirements: Good Mic and being a leader.

Age: 12-24

Languages: English (fluent)

Hello Soldiers,
My name is DJxAL3X0 and I am the leader of platoon uMad.
I am looking for at-least 4 strong memeber who follow the requirements above and can be online most days.

Join BROForce Gaming we all use mics 7-8 active members. We play TDM and Conquest on Wed., Sun., and some night in between around 9EST.
Tombston3A Out!
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2016-04-21 20:35
Hello we are 3/4 regular players of BF4 on PS4. looking for a platoon. English and french speakers.

Bonjour nous sommes 3/4 joueurs réguliers de BF4 PS4 Cherchons une team . Français et anglais.

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