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RU Enlisted: 2015-05-03
2016-04-22 18:04
Two players are looking for a permanent team to play 5 on 5
Plz add me
LY Enlisted: 2016-04-21
2016-04-22 23:55
add me i play alone !!
Enlisted: 2016-02-14
2016-04-23 06:25
add some clan Viper_vlad47
Enlisted: 2013-05-16
2016-04-29 18:59
bonjour je recherche un guilde francaise encore active.mon ancieene team est toujours sur ps3,et avec les party de playstation,apres de nombreuses heures de jeu je n ai encore rencontrer personne!
a plusieur c est toujours plus sympa!
ou si quelqu un sait ce que je doit faire pour trouver une team,merci de me la j ai trouver que cette maniere de postuler.

merci de vos reponses
Enlisted: 2016-05-01
2016-05-08 05:11
Looking for people to play with who actually talk on the mic add me psn tommy35750
US Enlisted: 2015-02-06
2016-05-09 19:53
Looking for people to squad up with or a platoon. Console is Ps4. I play both BF4 and Hardline.
US Enlisted: 2014-07-17
2016-05-12 05:18
Looking for a BF4 squad.
I usually play everyday.
McJester7 on PS4. I have a mic too.
Enlisted: 2015-06-22
2016-05-17 04:28
deltaducks1 said:
Looking for a BF4 squad.
I usually play everyday.
McJester7 on PS4. I have a mic too.
Hey there. My buddies and I have started a Platoon. Sons Of The Rebellion. We have about 4 or 5 of us now. A couple of us have military experience. We play at night mostly and follow the objectives. We play hardcore only. If there are any questions feel free to message me on here or on PS4 (PpizzlePerkins)
GB Enlisted: 2012-04-10
2016-06-05 02:48
Rogue nation are recruiting we are a community clan with experienced plays and we are also Europe based clan full of fun and banter message me it so
Enlisted: 2016-01-07
2016-06-08 13:06
Hey! are you sick of clans witch are inactive or have too high requirements?
We too! thats why we made a KOFF clan, join us and lets play for fun !
We just started so there's not many of us yet but we play everyday and are always looking for new friends.
if you're interested, hit apply or just add snotcatt and Esjei95.

Everyone welcome. We dont care if you're a noob or a veteran as long as you respect and help others. We have only ps3 players for now but we're hoping to get more members and leaders on every platform. If you're looking a platoon that accepts you and is active join us!
Only rules are that you wear our tag and emblem and new members should add everyone as friends. [] []
CA Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2016-06-09 00:01
Battlefield 1 Hype, If you have a PS4 come and join our community, goto friends - Communities - Discover Communitys - Search - Battlefield 1 - we should be at the top of the list - The Icon is a sexy girl toon holding a pistol. about 1000 members plus atm. "INFIDEL" is owner. join the hype for this weekends live stream cheers!
Enlisted: 2015-06-09
2016-06-13 17:31
this link never works and says there is no one playing, dont waste your time
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