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Best forum quotes

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2016-06-12 09:16
Lets adhere to the forum rules when posting.

SofSole you have been given a 1 week off the forum due to that hate-speech word.
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2016-06-12 11:04
boost2jz said: []

Im sooooo weak right now xD
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2016-06-12 11:34
LOLGotYerTags said:
No "Master Race" posts thanks.

Flight power!!!
I fly helicopters. It's fun.
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2016-06-12 12:08
Goddamn hodoors!
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can't wait :)
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2016-06-13 08:56
Broken game is indeed broken
I eat Green Berets for breakfast. And right now, I'm very hungry!
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2016-06-13 10:00
TheRogueReject said:
boost2jz said: []
Im sooooo weak right now xD

the sloth is on a roll !
Check it out !
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2016-06-13 14:14
"PC gaming was a mistake"

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2016-06-13 18:00
"You know they are Brazilian when you go into a European server and they are not Japanese" -- A Blackberry from over half a year ago

Still doesn't make 100% sense
got my grav, aww yiss. on a side note, mp443 masterrace
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Dude what yo doing in my pants?
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2016-06-13 21:14
"Anime was a mistake"

7th in World for Most Sniper Kills on PS3. Derp 4 life.
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2016-06-14 03:29
"EA eats ass"
Suck it
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"Stingers take skill"

"I love all of the pilot tears" (yet infantry players cry twice as much about how op choppers are as pilots do about stingers)

"Im spotting and holding down an objective" -Stabbyhands

"AH on Shanghai is op"

"Hey guys I just bought a PS4. Can I transfer my stats and premium over from the PS3?"

"Does anyone know any good Milsim servers?"

"Hardcore is more realistic than core"

"That gun is so op they need to nerf it"...DICE proceeds to nerfs everything in the game

"MnK users are cheaters"

And my personal favorite...."it's your Internet"
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2016-06-14 09:26
Best quote ever!!!

Matthew 5:45.... that you will become children of your Father in heaven, because he makes his sun rise on both evil and good people, and he lets rain fall on the righteous and the unrighteous. Then Jesus said to the disciples in Capernaum;Be not the battlefield warrior who uses single or burst fire, concerned with such pettiness as accuracy, for this displeases the LORD our father, and that warrior must certainly squat to piss. As the rain drenches the just and unjust alike, it is the will of our father that every warrior hipfire all his rounds indiscriminately over the field of battle; and trust our GOD to know his own, and guide the bullet on a holy trajectory towards the craniums of thine enemies, in the name of holy vengeance. Let the continuous sound of random gunfire and spammed explosives make such a music so that the angels in the heavens may rejoice in the carnage.In the name of our Father and Savior,Amen

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2016-06-14 11:41
``Oh god,

Do I really have to buy one of them PlayStations again, just to beat the entire helicopter community within 2 weeks, and then sell it? I've already done the tri-platform domination thing. I've never been beaten in a 1v1, or 2v2 (with Loanz). And that's a fact, so I welcome any challengers.

You know what, let's make this interesting, you buy me and Loanz a PS4, and we'll 2v2. If WE win, nothing happens, you've already given us both PS4's. If YOU win, I'll give you my car (a BMW 320i, it's worth €6000,-because I've modified it). And Loanz will give you $4000,- cash. That's 10K - half a grand for 2 PS4's.

Now THAT, is how you really put your money where your mouth is. I'm 100% serious about this, and if you PM me your post address I'll send you a contract if you're afraid that I won't pay up. (this challenge is open to anyone)

Please don't come up with excuses like: 'oh, you're not going to pay up anyways (we'll both sign a contract and the entire match will be Streamed and is open for anyone to spectate), or: 'lol look at this guy what a nerd or whatever'. Either reply with a valid counter-offer, or simply reply with a: 'yes, I'll accept your challenge' or a: 'no, I'll 'dodge' this challenge', how they fittingly call this fear of humiliation in the Battlefield helicopter community.

I'm looking forward hearing from any challengers, it'd be fun to finally start playing this game with a purpose again.``

``Are you going to cut the BMW in half because there are 2 guys gonna beat you?``
dOGe eSports are looking to organise competitive 5v5 games. Just message Griffin-745 on PSN to organise the matches. Thanks. #FREEJohn_Spartan
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2016-06-14 15:27
"It's magic."

"If you aren't good enough to use vehicles you aren't good enough to moan about them."
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2016-06-14 18:42
That was a classic post in a classic thread Tru.
HUZZAH! English, ever reliable and damned tasty - Bang On!
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Not a quote, a good old flag capping montage instead: []
Greatest BF4 clip you've seen for a while, enjoy!
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2016-06-14 20:51
Trokey66 said:
That was a classic post in a classic thread Tru.

best thread ever.
dOGe eSports are looking to organise competitive 5v5 games. Just message Griffin-745 on PSN to organise the matches. Thanks. #FREEJohn_Spartan
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