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Hardcore Boosters Exposed ps4

US Enlisted: 2013-06-26
2016-06-14 03:26
They only dwell in hardcore severs(Usually Shanghai only) and one or two gets on one side and another two gets on the enemy team and they only fly the attack helicopter and will never attack each other. Then they just tell each other where their teammates are clustered at and it is just a killing fest between the two helicopters. They usually only die once and sometimes never and routinely get 80+ kills(around 160+ all together.)
They have a tag and it is (Admn) and they own the server. The server name is "only in Shanghai life is a hardcore 24/7" east side and they have a west side. There are multiple ones that do it I would guess and say there is about 10 of them and they all do the same thing. Everyday you can catch them on their servers boosting their stats.
Here are the ones that I have caught:

But like I said there are more of them. I have already reported them and hopefully some of you report them so we can make the Battlefield cleaner without these bottom-feeders ruining the game.
Don't forget to spread the word not to go in their lobbies.
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2016-06-15 20:11
No name & shame. Report them using the /!\ button on their profiles with your evidence.
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