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EU Player LF friends

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2016-06-15 16:54 , edited 2016-06-15 16:56 by Sn1peRSLO
Hello. New European player (BF4 only and later BF1) looking for friends to add them to the list, squads or platoons for some competitive play. Feel free to add me. :)
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2016-06-15 17:12
Why should you join team Semper Fi?

1. 10 to 20 members active daily, always someone to play with!
2. 6 servers with all member advantages for you to play on (Always populated due to our idling program)
3. Clan events
4. Also Esports team
5. We will go to Battlefield 1 as well!
6. Members will try to kiss you []
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2016-06-16 07:39
Hey mate, I sent you a friends request. Here's my clan: []

Membership is obviously free, we only ask people to come on TS while playing (
Wanna keep it short here, all I will say is that it's lots of fun. Check the link above for more details on our community.

This is a spontaneous review of the clan :P
Sir_Desth said:
Have been playing with the guys for a few weeks.

Dark Phoenix included me in black magic rituals. They often run around naked shouting incomprehensible words. I'm loving every moment of it.

So far my favorite sport stealing teammate seats in vehicles.

I strongly recommend this Platoon for anyone.


Hope to hear from you soon! :)
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2016-06-17 03:07
Hello Friend's []

Feel free
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2016-06-17 09:07
_BFDogtaghunter_ said:

Hey mate, this is the PC section and you are playing on PS4 as far as I can see. Unless you are trying to branch your clan across both PC and consoles, PC section is not the place to look for people to join your clan :)
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2016-06-17 11:31
" Unless you are trying to branch your clan across both PC and consoles, "

Yes i will CTE Events on PC
platoon is for PS4 Members with BF4Premium Account she cant Client Download and Play on PC

For more Details []
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