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Aus/Nz Players Looking 4 A Casual BF4/BF1 Clan?

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2016-06-16 02:47 , edited 2016-06-16 03:04 by PEACEnz
Hi im one of the Admins of =A1= Gaming =A1= meaning Army of One, we are looking for new members that like a laugh and some fun gaming ;) , if your looking for a social PC clan thats been around for a while ( over 8 years ) why not check us out, go to [] or add me as a friend and say hi PEACEnz

We are looking for Mature New Members over 16 who are serious to join a clan , so please dont waste all of our time if your not serious ;( , you need the game and all DLCs plus a good headset with mic as we use TeamSpeak 3 as our chat program , our clan has a wide age group from 16 to 57 .(note if your 15 but real mature we still may accept you )

We are a Female friendly Clan, so dont be shy come and say hiii..:) ( We have Three Female Members at the moment and looking for more )

We are more a casual clan these days but play in a competitive way when we can against other clans for those that like to compete .

We play both HC and SC Cuz we are schizophrenic like that ;)

We only ask guys or girls to try and check out our forums once a week and play a few games on our gaming nights which are Sun and Weds , we do play other games as we realize gamers like a change now and then but have just got a 20 slot BF4 server to shoot each other on.

We also play! a bit of Squad , KIilling Floor 2 , Rocket League , Division ,Overwatch along with other side games as they come up .

Our TS address is So why not call in and say HII... please note we have a policy of no C WORD in TS other than that we have very few rules within reason, the reason for this is to open up TS to the widest group of people possible as its still a word that offends a lot .

A clip of some fun we had around a couple of years ago and one on FB from a a month or so ago [] atu
A US / []

ps we need more West Australian Members due to your time zone and we will be playing Battlefield 1 when released and if it has dedicated Servers we will be running our own probably 48 slot Server as normal ....
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2016-06-16 16:05
Friendly bump :)
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