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Join MARX for teamwork and regular linkups

Enlisted: 2016-02-19
2016-06-16 17:27
I've had experience running crews for years on GTA IV - V, and I intend to recruit as many as possible for the first period of the crew (an undetermined time) and then begin to recruit skilled players to the point my team is highly efficient.

About the platoon:
MARX stands for the philosopher Karl Marx the founder of Marxism, the view the world will transcend from capitalism to socialism, but no, I am neither communist or socialist. I thought being soviet soldiers was fitting for the game, hence my choice.
At this time I have around 9 members, but have only been recruiting for 5 days, I intend to recruit constantly.
Teamwork is essential to the platoon. Our goal is to have fun while winning as many games as possible, disregarding our personal K/Ds. The dynamics of the platoon will change over time as I recruit more advanced players and I learn how to control a squad in the most effective way (this is my first Battlefield platoon).

My Xbox gamertag is: Paddy C The MC
My Battlelog account is: 222guru
OR you can go to: []
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