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The Forumfielder's Discord Server

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As of June 17th 2016, Battlelog Forum will cease to exist and will be relocated to a different EA Forum.

Because of this, we have created a Forumfield Community using Discord service so that members of this community can still interact with each others. Everyone are more than welcome to join! Registration is simple and free. Whether you're a brony, furry, or into anime, we have the channel just for you.

How To Join:

Being a member is simple, just follow this link to our server below: []

If you are an EA Moderator, Helper, or Admin:
To show our appreciation for your effort, you'll be promoted to a Server Moderator once you join.


+ Friendly community with members eager to help you.
+ Upload files, images, and video directly onto the chat.
+ Share and listen to music together.
+ Organized and clean server room to help with navigation.
+ Dedicated Channel just for your needs.


General []

Battlefield []

Anime []

My Little Pony []

Furry []
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Just going to bump this, as this may likely be the last comment on the forum.
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