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The platoon is new but that doesn't mean the members are. I'm going to try and avoid needless cliches and get right to the point.

SkullCrushers (Xbox 360, BF4)

If you're looking to play on a decently regular basis with people who actively play the objective and effectively communicate with headsets, feel free to apply to SkullCrushers. Remember, communication comes first, bullets flying at your enemies come second.

We're looking for some variety in class specialization. So far we have an experienced Support Gunner and we also have an experienced Anti-Tank Engineer, yours truly. If anyone is a Dead Eye Sniper or a Speedy Medic we'd love to have you to round out a squad. Are you a jack of all trades? Could always use someone to fill some gaps in the squad make up.

Like to play as a Commander? We'd be happy to help you. Having some eyes in the sky never hurts. If you want to specialize as a Commander, a headset is required; it's the best way to let the boots on the ground know what's what.

While some people don't like full-time pilots, they are still a big help so if you're a gear head, feel free to apply and add to our Mechanized Division. Chopper pilots are always in demand as are Engineers willing to keep those vehicles in working order.

Once we get bigger, we may hold regular practices but until then we're just looking for a good time. We aim to win, but a tough loss can still be enjoyable.

If you're going to rage into your microphone when you get killed, be prepared to be muted.

Looking forward to wrecking some enemy squads with you!
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2016-06-17 05:06
Left a message for you on your platoon page buddy. If interested, or if you have any questions, let me know.
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