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The Forum field funeral.

US Enlisted: 2014-12-07
2016-06-17 06:44
Rip FF. New forums are an eyesore and I will not go there for a while.
US Enlisted: 2011-12-30
2016-06-17 06:58
Just throwing in my last post here. It's been ages since I've bothered to post on battlelog, and I can't say I like it much, but for some stupid reason, I'll miss it too.

Honestly_Jimmies said:
AceFoSho said:
I thought you'd have been here long enough to know that Forumfield is one word, not two. :^)
Dam auto carrot did it

I was afraid of that.
JP Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2016-06-17 07:02
It's good knowing you ForumField.
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US Enlisted: 2012-03-11
2016-06-17 07:10

2016 year of RIP

I think in terms of rationality, honesty and philosophy.
JP Enlisted: 2012-05-27
2016-06-17 07:13
What's going on here?...
US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2016-06-17 07:15
chainsawbizkt said:
What's going on here?...

End times
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JP Enlisted: 2012-05-27
2016-06-17 07:18
WHAT IN BLAZES IS GOING ON? I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere.
US Enlisted: 2013-08-24
2016-06-17 07:20
We just got pranked
US Enlisted: 2013-01-04
2016-06-17 07:20
They're shutting down the forums, dude.
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JP Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2016-06-17 07:25
One thread at a time.

It's no wonder it's taking forever.
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JP Enlisted: 2012-05-27
2016-06-17 07:26
Just the forums?... I.... I have no place to complain D': I will NOT complain on a new forum about things I gont like!!
FI Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2016-06-17 07:29
rip BL 2011,2016 never forget.

new forums design of newbie.
US Enlisted: 2013-10-29
2016-06-17 08:06
7th in World for Most Sniper Kills on PS3. Derp 4 life.
UZ Enlisted: 2013-01-05
2016-06-17 08:45
Enlisted: 2016-02-06
2016-06-17 10:21
It was nice meeting you forum field
GB Enlisted: 2012-02-04
2016-06-17 12:53
First some of the most active members and threads of the community.
Now the entirety of forumfield itself.

It's like all over again.
BR Enlisted: 2013-02-22
2016-06-17 13:15
Was good times
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