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PunkBuster Crashing Issues

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Greetings all,

Please note that this is not a guaranteed fix, but it's helped resolve PunkBuster issues on multiple cases and should be a starting point for troubleshooting your PunkBuster crashing issues.

1.) First ensure that you have a folder called "PB" in the BF4 Beta install directory. If you do not have a PB folder then please "Repair Installation" from Origin.

2.) Download the two files you need below and save them into to the PB folder for BF4. NOTE: You have to save these files as HTML format, when you open them, depending on the browser, you can File>> Save As >> and make sure you stick them in that PB folder for BF4

a.) pbsec.htm -- []
b.) PB Client v2.332 for Win64 -- []

4.) Make sure you have "PBSetup.exe" in your BF4 directory, if you do not you can also download off the PunkBuster Website here: []

Once you've downloaded the two files from PunkBuster and saved them in your PB BF4 Beta directory, you should be able to run "PBSetup" and "Add a Game" - Battlefield 4 and make sure that PunkBuster is fully updated.

I hope this helps, it's worked great for me. Remember that this isn't a guarantee, only something that I've found and seen other people doing to fix the PunkBuster issues.
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Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.