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Weapon charts, weapon comparisons, etc By Symthic

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This is not supposed to degenerate into a name calling, pissing contest. This is suppose to be about game play and the weapons in game. Whomever it is that is messing with the weapons in game is the one that we should be after. Not the players. Regardless if you have served or are serving (thank you) or just a civilian, don't jump on each other because of your opinion or real world experience. That being said, from what the game started off with, there were certain guns that started with BF4, when I first played BF, that were doing certain things that even in the real world, should do. Shotguns, can not do perfect head shots from distances over 30 meters with 12 gauge buckshot. You're talking about 90 feet, about the length of a basketball court, doing a head shot. Spread is too damn big for that, and yet, I have seen and have had done to me, head shots from over 50m! You have people, who are using lmg's, being out gunned by a shotgun from a distance, while the lmg is already firing! Shouldn't happen, especially if you are running through a doorway. That's tantamount to suicide. I am seeing DMRs chambering a 7.62m round being out gunned by that bs cbj, from distances of greater than 80m! Now, I might not know a lot, if any, about guns, but for common sense purposes, I am positive a PDW'S is not going to out duel a DMR, at distance. They have also messed up the FLIR, which I thought, was designed to fight using what ambient light from whatever source, including body heat, from a distance. The way the FLIR is now, you can barely see through smoke or even just down a dark tunnel, like on Locker, past 15m! They are a lot of things that need to be retooled, especially if they are doing the new night fighting, scheduled soon.
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Suppressors do not "decrease the speed of the bullet". Common misconception. They actually grant a bit of added velocity due to the fact you're increasing barrel length with a suppressor/silencer attached. You don't get 1299232 fps more with a suppressor. Maybe between 15-30 fps extra at the most... but when shooting past 500+ yards, that can have a profound impact.

The only way they ever decrease velocity is when sub-sonic ammo is used with it, which is what battlefield simulates for balance purposes. Most people, including myself who own suppressors (I own a .30 caliber suppressor, and 9mm) don't shoot them with sub-sonic ammo(like a heavier .300 blk out load which is inherently sub sonic). We shoot them with super sonic ammo aka regular ammo. For the sole purpose of being able to shoot without ear protection, or to shoot at places where there's more of a public presence as to not annoy anyone. I've also never shot my suppressors "wet" either, although you can and when you shoot them wet, they're about as quiet as portrayed in movies or in games.
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