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List-Issues NEEDED Be Fixed!

Enlisted: 2012-11-10
2013-11-27 22:26 , edited 2013-12-17 03:14 by RambosaurusKillr
Sound loop crash
FPS Drops and Constant Lag and Stutter
Getting killed behind walls
Mutual kills
Knife bug where you cannot knife an enemy
Ability to crawl though the ground on Z311
ALT+TAB causes hitboxes to de-align from models for a short time.
Invisible enemies (just see the weapons floating)
Can’t see weapons in hands when spawn. Have to switch weapons to get gun in hand.
Bullet spread not reset if fire button held though a reload.
Hip fire spread remains if switching to ADS without releasing fire button

Reload animation bug when doing anything other then walking/running/crouching/prone
Grenades falling though the map
Defibrillator bug where you cannot revive a friendly
Micro Stutter on the CPU at low framerates (unless capped)
Smoke Flicker bug
Crash when opening parachute as at the EXACT time you land.
Revive message not removing after a respawn until you jump.
LOW = ULTRA in some settings in the options menu
Hit marker showing from random location if shot hits after you kill someone.
RPG (most rockets) showing firing animation but no shot made
Crouch bug (players appear crouched with no animations)
Spawning with pro-longed periods with no weapon model
Spotting markers not showing
Forward movement key seeming stops working at random
Invisible walls you cannot shoot though around objects like rocks and destruction.
Sling shot (flying 20 - 40 feet in the air when jumping over objects)
No hit marker on some kills
Spotting though solid objects (flood zone the worst for this)
Picking up someone elses kit but not getting it. (after the animation)
Black deployment screen if you press SPACE as the screen transitions
Causing crash if crashing multiple vehicles into each other.

Destruction happens then flashes back to un-destroyed state
Light / Laser origin persisting after death
Team collision stutter
Sniper rifles shot sound stops if you change weapon
Crash when you use the Flash bang twice in quick succession
Med Pack animation bug (sometimes no animation)
Corpse stutter
BattleLog not always saving your load-outs
Black screen on server load (but still hear ingame sounds)
Hud size resets at random
Bug that makes it impossible to use the free look mechanic in transport
Falling off a roof during death to only be revived on the roof
Rag dolls getting stuck in objects
Stuttering knife kill
Bad camera shake on kill cam
Glitching into a friendly tank/apc or any vehicle if it reverses into you
Dead body that does not fall down
Dead body keeps its enemy marker and reacts to shots after death

Spawn Protection
Instant flare reload
Ping not displaying in the server browser or in game
Spawning within line of site of enemies
NO Enlisted: 2012-03-17
2013-11-27 22:27
Most of these alleged bugs are due to user errors.
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GB Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2013-11-27 22:29
No bump, but I agree but not I that order
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-11-27 22:30
Im a bit drunk to read it all but there a problem wit the tank shell reloading,when you fire a shell the sound of relaoding plays and on screen it says "Ready" but when you fire again it says "wait" ,and the sound of the main shell plays again.
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Enlisted: 2012-11-10
2013-11-27 22:31 , edited 2013-12-14 01:22 by RambosaurusKillr
CUDGEdave1 said:
Im a bit drunk to read it all but there a problem wit the tank shell reloading,when you fire a shell the sound of relaoding plays and on screen it says "Ready" but when you fire again it says "wait" ,and the sound of the main shell plays again.

163-The Igla rocket launcher fires and it doesn't reload sometimes it just stays spent and no way to reload=STUCK!
164-I think its the jeep, or even more vehicles,
but in some vehicles the driver sits to high in it and you cant see to drive in hardcore/1st person!
165-IF you want the crosshairs to be not burry, its Ultra only!
166-Sniper trail affects view at long ranges, because its straight not curve like bullet travel!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzUA9Hx57OY [youtube.com]
167-Keybinds for jet flares and camera view are messed up. I switched these (flares on c, camera on x) and the flares still pop on the default key (x) while also changing the camera angle at the same time.
168-The TV Missle needs to be fixed... it stutters and fluckers...
169- On the Bullpup assault rifles you lose their passive ADS movement speed buff if you use any sights other than iron. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEX9PcET9LQ [youtube.com]
170- On the L82A2 if you attach the grenade launcher to the underbarrel their is a long delay when switching back from the grenade launcher to the gun where you can't shoot.
171- On dragon pass there is many places you can enter the rocks and mountains.
172- The Staff shell can be rapidly switched to and fired after firing the main shell giving a large advantage in tank battles.
173- AT mines turn into their low poly LOD at very close range making them look like little pyramids
174- The stinger missile pods on the US scout chopper have no texture
175- The China scout chopper wreckage when destroyed has no texture on the inside of the cabin, it is instead applied onto one of the gun pods wreckage.
176-The full loadout and customisation screen in game has a very high GPU load that can overheat the card.
177- On Guilin Peaks the centre of the map is very unoptimised.
178- Player movement effecting folliage hasn't worked since the first patch
179- On hardcore the mortar, JDAM and arty truck have no aiming cursor.
180- The grenade launcher when attached to the underbarrel and ADS has no sights.
181-when bailing from the attack chopper after being critically damaged by AA by barely touching the chopper after ejecting in mid air, like the old BF2 days when this happened in every vehicle in movement.
182-There's a 1-2 second delay between pressing X and the deployment of flares/jammer on most aerial vehicles
183-Improve the attack chopper handling, something like in BF3
184-Whenever a missile hits you on the attack chopper it deviates you a lot, even with gyrostabilizer, same thing with jets after a missile hits you the plane flies way too erraticly.
185-The Z10 gunner cockpit view is obstructed by some sort of instrument that blocks a lot of frontal vision
186-TOW missiles from attack chopper travel either too slow or too fast, besides being very hard to aim
187-Reduce countermeasure recharging time on aircraft
188-Reduce the attack jet main gun damage
189-Reduce the manoeuvrability of the SU50
190-Increase manoeuvrability of the F35, seriously this makes dogfights extremely unfair because the F35 only has a chance if it gets to fire an active radar missile. To make it all fair make all the stealth jets equally maneouvrable as the J20
191-Increase the JDAM bomb damage and radius of the explosion, i was expecting something like the IEDs from Golmud Railway but when i unlocked it I was so dissapointed, its like having an upside-down mortar attached to the plane that shoots 2 impact grenades
192-On paracel storm when the storm starts and the waves get tricky all naval vehicles when going against a wave go under it instead of above it
193-Also on paracel I usually see those birds sitting in the air where there used to be a palm tree at the start of the match
194-Increase the size of the airspace on Dawnbreaker
195- when you try to dive under water with knife equipped --> press x with knife equipped in water look around and everything is blurry like you are underwater but you actually did not dive
196-when J is pressed to chat and start typing game automatically alt-tab itself
edit: and yeah about destroying vehicles without getting points it does not happen only with helicopters but with land vehicles too like LAV and AA.....................
197-history tab on battlelog does not work
198- jumping off the carrier into water is instadeath. i think we should be able to handle a 30 foot fall into water.
199- repairing/destroying armor with repair torch will glitch you inside the vehicle (pretty basic stuff there cant imagine why thats an issue)
200- getting tapped by an enemy vehicle will insta kill at times
201 .- TEAM SWAP - After finish a round, playing as commander in conquest or obliteration, you are being to be swapped to the opposite team, no matter if you are playing with your friends. Only workaround is exit, rejoin (not as commander) swap team, and take command again (it´s a pain in the ass).
202 .- MISSILE - Playing as commander, in any map with missile available, sometimes missile appears greyed out, and you can´t launch it (but usually the other commander don´t have any problem at all)
203 .- ORDERS - Nobody follow orders, because they don´t get inmediate extra points doing so. So please FIX this stupid system, to make commander interesting again (it was way better in Battlefield 2). Also, 10 orders accepted to get the ribbon is insane. This is the most difficult medal to achieve!
204 .- SOUND - Commander assistant voice is usually dissapearing. Seems to be related to the way we log in. For example, if I join the game as commander from Battlelog, there is no assistant voice, but if I join as a soldier, and then inside the game, take command, the voice is there...
205 .- CAMERA - Commander can see through the eyes of every squad leader, but this is broken in almost every map. Please fix it !!!!
206 .- TABLET APP - iOs Commander App, (and maybe also Android) is bugged. If you play as commander being more than LVL 100, after finish the round, you are degraded to LVL 100 with zero points. That´s not very fun if you are LVL 110 before starting...
207-EOD bot is 100% silent.
208-EOD bot is instakill
209-EOD bot takes a mag dump to kill it
210- Killed by collapsing building 1-2 seconds BEFORE it collapses
211- Killed by someone who doesn't fire their weapon until the kill cam (netcode)
-212 Random "Killed in Action"
213- Random hit markers after you killed someone
214- Blurry sniper scopes unless on ultra.... i mean really? its just some black lines
215- Unable to climb over small wooden fences
216- Crashes on loading/changing maps
217- Leaving Level, for no reason
218- IRNV highly inconsistent, sometimes enemies are bright yellow, sometimes just blend in background green.
219- Other player's Lasers showing random spots on the floor/walls, as huge red/green dots/lines, through objects etc.
220- Red Dots and some other red scope visuals are very hard to see in the snow areas of locker due to the random snowstorms, same goes for thermal vision on those, it's a big mess.
221- Reviving someone not always possible even while defib is touching them.
222- Weapon used doesn't always show in kill messages, sometimes or nothing.
223- Weapon attachments sometimes only show iron sights in killcam, I doubt the majority of people only it when they have many kills with a weapon.
224- Killing a vehicle with Repair Tool gets you Killed in Action cause it blows up, not like in BF3.
225-FLIR sometimes becomes a normal scope without thermal effect.
226--The roadblock poles on Siege, China Rising, Lancang, etc, will commonly still block vehicles even when down.
227-Sound loop errors on loading map.
226-- If you die after you fire any rocket (BEFORE it hits it's target) that rocket will not explode on impact.
227-G36C rate of fire
228- when the field upgrade has reached level 3( the defib upgrade level) the 100% charge speed increase does not always happen
229- Negative points: http://i.imgur.com/h5Z6Z1C.png [i.imgur.com]
230-Random Parrot Spawn-Please fix, game breaking: http://i.imgur.com/JMSGxkE.png [i.imgur.com]
231-Sometimes you cant do the Commander job when you joint as Soldier
232-Stinger Crosshair disappears after Jet/chopper is using flares
233-The music at the loading screen sometimes does not end. (Commander )
234- Supplies do not reach the ground on operation locker.
235-Emblems do not show on guns XBOX ONE
236- G36C Fire Rate adjustments
237-SRAW, RPG, LVG3320, 320HE, and others go straight through metal bars in Operation Locker. A vmini40 has to be placed perfectly through the bars in order for it go through, but both 320s do not, just shoot through every single time.
238-On Zavod 311 TDM, you can't shoot into and/or through some of the pipes in the middle corridor. notably the ones that lead to the drop/exit from the underground corridor.
239-When in queue, sometimes (read usually) the queue is not exactly working. You start joining server, but you get disconnected from EA online. In short: The queue is NOT working properly.
240. Duplicate death screen later during gameplay. Say that I am killed by a certain player...death screen happens. Minutes later, the same screen, while I am alive, pops up on my screen and will not go away until another death. This has happened numerous times.
241. The revive/deploy option remains on screen after accepting a revive. I can be alive and playing and the options remain on screen until another death. This has happened numerous times.
CX Enlisted: 2011-12-25
2013-11-27 22:34
Rise to the top my brother/sister!
Enlisted: 2012-11-10
2013-11-27 22:38
I-Curby-I said:
Rise to the top my brother/sister!

amen haha. bump
CA Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-11-27 23:02
which other setting are where low = ultra besides terrain decoration?
Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-11-27 23:07
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-11-27 23:08
Nice work stealing my thread >.<
DE Enlisted: 2012-06-04
2013-11-27 23:09
You can add "Random dissapearing crosshair" :D
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Enlisted: 2012-11-10
2013-11-27 23:16
IAmPixelTwitch said:
Nice work stealing my thread &gt;.&lt;

Im really sorry man. You can link yours if you want. I just want it fixed and noticed. Cheers
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-11-27 23:34
You can add "Dusting" (Landing a projectile - tank shell, rocket, etc. - on a helicopter and see the explosion/collision animation, but it gives no points and has no effect on the vehicle - no damage, knockback, etc. The server did not register the hit.)
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Enlisted: 2012-11-10
2013-11-27 23:35
DJudic said:
You can add &quot;Dusting&quot; (Landing a projectile - tank shell, rocket, etc. - on a helicopter and see the explosion/collision animation, but it gives no points and has no effect on the vehicle - no damage, knockback, etc. The server did not register the hit.)

this happens to me a LOT. I thought it was bc i missed, lol with a lock on and hit,
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-11-28 10:05
The crosshair disapearing happens to me almost only with the M870 shotgun. Btw, it will be good if any mod makes this sticky and puts some description like "Check here first to see if your bug has not already been reported!"
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Enlisted: 2012-11-10
2013-11-28 16:46
DJudic said:
The crosshair disapearing happens to me almost only with the M870 shotgun. Btw, it will be good if any mod makes this sticky and puts some description like &quot;Check here first to see if your bug has not already been reported!&quot;

I like that idea, please MAKE THIS A STICKY MODERATOR.
LV Enlisted: 2011-11-01
2013-11-28 17:06
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-11-28 17:52
Decadent1 said:

Plx, pl0x ... what does it stand for? Please?

Otherwise - yes, indeed, please make this sticky, since it is one of the best constructivly criticizing threads here and hopefully it will eliminate a lot of repeating threads.

And this dusting is probably the second worse thing about this game for me, right after the random crashes/freezes/hanging/sound loop.
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GB Enlisted: 2013-10-29
2013-11-28 17:57
ever since ps4 and xbox one was announced for bf4 i knew deep down that this would happen . you just cant code consoles with pc's it just not right please provide us with bf4 for pc only and make a new version for consoles for themselves too and dont keep everyone on the same backend server we dont want console crashes affecting pc backend.
Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-11-28 17:57
Add this to the list:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36D6WC2-GJI [youtube.com]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cy5h5jjUyQ [youtube.com]
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