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BF4 Corrupted Data

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2013-11-29 19:38
I was playing the other day (xbox 360) when my game froze. So I turned my console off. Turned it back on, once i got the game to load up again and got this message "Save game data corrupted. Your save data is damaged and will not be loaded. Chose ok to start new game. Your corrupted save game will be overwritten on the next save. if you choose not to overwrite the corrupt save game, autosave will be disabled." i chose not to start a new game since I'm a lvl 27 and didn't want to lose everything i just did. Also my campaign is save are gone. The most frustrating part is every time i want to play i have to set my options again. So my question i guess is there anyway i can save over my corrupted data? if i go into options and try save it i get the message "Apply changes? settings will not be save for later." I'm about ready to throw this game in the garbage. Its not my fault that the game keeps freezing, which corrupted my game data...
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2013-11-29 19:42
It doesn't delete your multiplayer data, you know
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2013-11-29 19:42
Starting a new save won't effect your multiplayer level and unlocks....only single player progress. You will have to create a new save to start SP I think. That should also make it so you won't have to fix settings every game.
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2013-11-29 20:14
i will try thanks for the input
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2013-11-29 21:49
Same thing happened to me the other day. I luckily had a save game on my hard drive that I moved out to the cloud save game. I guess I need to keep the two more in sync.
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2013-11-29 22:59
When the game visually freezes there is still data transferring in the background at the moment of the freeze. Don't turn off your console for at least 30 seconds after it freezes. I've found (from having my file corrupted several times) that waiting for any data to finish before restarting the console meant I could turn it back on and have NO corrupted file.

Good luck.
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2013-11-30 21:39
So i selected "new game" and all my multiplayer stuff seems to be ok. Campaign is erased, but i'm not to worried about it. Thanks everyone for your input!
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2013-11-30 22:00
yea it happened to me as well...luckily it only wipes out your single player. thankfully it happend after i got all the achievements for sp so i'll never have to touch it again. it was the same with bf3 campaign everything multiplayer saves even the tags and guns you unlock by playing sp. if you're done with all sp stuff then nor worries if not sorry to hear.
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2013-12-04 00:48
This game should be pulled from shelves until DICE fixes this problem. Period. Can't believe anyone is allowed to put such an expensive, broken product out in the market. Shameful.
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2013-12-04 04:24
Three times since Friday I've gotten the corrupt msg after the xbox froze up. Deleted the save game data. Pisses me off because I use veteran settings and have to go in and reset all settings as well as all vehicle load outs. No way I'm buying premium or paying a dime for any docs or even buying this for my xbox one until they get this figured out
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2013-12-04 11:18 , edited 2013-12-04 11:21 by magnumForce1980
well hope this helps i've played multiplayer since i got it and have noticed game freezing on conquest map dawnbreaker. every time this level loads or next in line i quit out of the game and start a new one. hasn't froze since. unfortunately all my sp has been wiped and have to do it again. very disappointed with dice for releasing a game thats not finished
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2013-12-04 22:08
Same thing happened to, and it is annoying! But I'm glad I didn't lose my rank. I'm rank 80.
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2013-12-05 06:55
Id love to complete the campaign after 2 1/2 weeks of continually back-hands from the campaign's "start a new game" screen.
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2013-12-05 07:34
Everything you do in multiplayer is saved on DICE's servers, not your console. That way, you can't mod anything and it's easier for DICE to track your stats. So if you unlock something in a multiplayer server, you have it forever once the stats sync at the end of the round.
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2013-12-07 19:15
My game was corrupted (Xbox 360). If you hit yes it will not delete anything on your multiplayer account but you can't save single player. This same thing happened to me with BF3. Every time I got to the home screen for BF3 it had to tell me all the stuff I had unlocked. Very annoying.
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2013-12-07 19:18
I just saved my files in the cloud saves and it fixed all the corrupt data problems.
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2013-12-13 23:08
I've had this problem happen 4 more times since I last posted... Frustrating.
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2013-12-13 23:14
I had this problem :~(
3 times...
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2013-12-30 00:25
All i will say is this is one hell of a broken game! Such a dissapointment tto find out how bad this game is after months of anticipation and waiting,just to blow£40 on something thats in worse shape than humptydumpty after falling of his wall! All i want to do is play a working game of bf4 that saves data registers assignmets and unlock doesnt erase or say damaged data and that generaly works at 40 per copy that should be what everyone gets not some terrible bug filled game! I have always enjoyed the battlefield franchise and will continue to buy them aslong as they acctually make sure the game is finished before sellin it to so many now disapointed player! Back to bf3 i go untill the game if it can even be called that is fixed rant over......EA & DICE sort your shit out and fix this game!
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Go to your system settings and go to memory. Look for BF4 and in there look for a file called something like "Save Profile Data" (it's been awhile since I've done it and don't remember exactly what it's called). Delete it. You'll lose your campaign save, but it'll solve all multiplayer related issues resulting from the corruption. Until you do this, you'll get the message and your settings will be reset every single time you launch the game.
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