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2013-12-31 04:57
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2013-12-31 04:59
Sell the game.
Don't bother wasting another minute of your time on an incomplete game.
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2013-12-31 05:42
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2013-12-31 05:45
EA not DICE..
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2014-02-17 19:55
Same is happening with my PS3. Don't know what to do.
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2014-02-19 01:17
I just logged on to find myself reset to default setup... Everything fine on battlelog but nothing on multiplayer. I guess that means it's to do with how they store and access info on their servers? Not sure, but it certainly does a great job of ruining a game. Fix it or give me back my money, disappointed that they've released a broken game, that's a very Codemasters thing to do. Also on PS3.
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2014-02-20 00:31
that does not pass that I erased all weapons of battlefield 4 me like if you could give me some solution I play on ps3
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2014-02-20 00:34
did you try rebooting your console? I run into this problem sometimes, think it has a hiccup with communicating with battlelog.
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2014-02-20 00:36
I swear OP's are like freaking monkeys...hard to even talk to them.
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2014-02-20 00:37
I had that problem where I joined a certain match on Second Assault and all my unlocks were gone but I restarted the game and jumped into a match and everything was back to normal
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Your stuff is not is a server glitch.
Victory has defeated you. #wallstairs
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2014-02-20 00:42
it helps me every time my stuff is gone, go to test range your weapons will be there.. leave an go to a regular match
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2014-02-20 00:46
EA/DICE are like whack a mole.... fix one bug and three more pop up. Fricking ridiculous....
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2014-09-24 19:47
I'm having the same issue today on my ps3.
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