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EA-RICK is the game broken today?

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2014-02-14 18:46
And he's gone. Shocker
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2014-02-14 18:49
EA_Rick said:
What issues are you encountering exactly?

I was a huge fan of Battlefield 3 but then I got tired of cooling it.
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This game is so broken...Think maybe EA Titanfall will be better..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE

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2014-02-14 18:56
EA RICK says: Which are the issues you are encountering?

Poster says : (insert various issues)

EA RICK is never seen again
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2014-02-14 19:00
What about the atrocious rubber banding I am encountering in every server nowadays?
It's not lasting the entire game but for 1 to 3 seconds everything and everyone appears to freeze on spot and then resumes movement.
Does anyone else have this?
P.S. I didn't have this issue before the patch so I know it's not on my end.
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2014-02-14 19:02
God damn fix the game!
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2014-02-14 20:39
that we know already :)
PigeonPoo said:
God damn fix the game!
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2014-02-14 20:43
PigeonPoo said:
God damn fix the game!

That will happen when Daenerys Targaryen is capable of giving birth
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2014-02-14 20:47
"A-RICK is the game broken today?"

@FlaankEm: I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this. What issues are you encountering exactly?

The game is wor-wor-wor-wor-wor-wor ......................... Ctra+Alt+Del >> End task >>> BTF4.EXE

Sound loop crash or maybe just dubfield4 .
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2014-02-14 20:51
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