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What’s Next in Battlefield 4?

US Enlisted: 2012-01-05
2015-02-19 17:56
A map that had acouple buildings with multiple floors with rooms, elevators and stairwells etc. For example: An office building or Hotel sky scraper. Somthing simular to Seige of Shangi Hi with a Rainbow Six feel.
GB Enlisted: 2012-09-10
2015-02-19 17:57
Giant under ground scientific lab?
AE Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2015-02-19 17:58
Fr0zEnBe4r said:
first try to fix the bugs and then come tell us this

fix your brain then come here :)
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US Enlisted: 2012-01-05
2015-02-19 17:59
How do i get a job as a Game tester for Battlefield?
GB Enlisted: 2012-06-23
2015-02-19 18:06
I think the normandy beach would be quite interesting
FI Enlisted: 2013-12-05
2015-02-19 18:10
thanks DICE and EA this is the best way to make new maps and test them too. i think This new DLC is going to be the best DLC !!
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HU Enlisted: 2011-11-19
2015-02-19 18:11
Hy i like 1 map , night, full dark, cloudy sky ,no light, somewere in the edge of the city. Team need to capture a cemical industry light only the parking spots and street light, what can destroy it. The industry have, office and working place where have a turnable light, the fighter need to use to infra or termo scope, and blind the fleshlights of fleshbangs. Near the industry have a forest were can hide and a bigger mead, other side the city. If that is the big air map can be use fleshlight on antiair explosions what light on the full map for 1-2 seconds. Its will be good closerange, inside the industry, or long, mid range outside the industry.
Inside the industry can be place some explosion barrel what blow up, start the escape alarm some red light and sound of the horns, for the levolution.

Sorry for my english, i hope can imagine what i try to say. :DDD
Enlisted: 2013-10-12
2015-02-19 18:14
I think a war-torn airport map similar to the airport in the Singapore level. You can fight inside the terminal and on the tarmac. Multiple passenger planes and the control tower could be destroyed.
CH Enlisted: 2011-11-11
2015-02-19 18:16
I have the ultimate map and scenario! The Falkland Islands or the Malvinas as the Argentinians like to call them? It's a hot topic but the scenario's good!
CA Enlisted: 2012-02-24
2015-02-19 18:19
Very little information actually given.

And a patch, a month away, that is nothing but bug fixes?
Enlisted: 2013-06-15
2015-02-19 18:20
HishametsU1 said:
Fr0zEnBe4r said:
first try to fix the bugs and then come tell us this
fix your brain then come here :)

Upgrade your hardware and then come b**ching here.
US Enlisted: 2014-01-08
2015-02-19 18:20
A map built in an office building, with 10 floors maybe would be cool. You would be able to use the elevator to go from top to bottom, but you would have to take the stair for the in between floors. This would be a very cool close quarters map using cubicles as cover. Another idea is for a mansion, with a pool, tennis court, and a giant house on property. Objectives would be on the inside and outside and combine close quarters and longer range combat.
FI Enlisted: 2013-12-05
2015-02-19 18:23
can you make night map on some kind swamp or forest not like open map, lots of trees and rock where you can hide and some towers where you can look for enemy? maybe tiny village middle of forest where is little swamp and maybe mighty python or just fat hippo don´t know why the hippo but it sound´s awesome !!!
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GB Enlisted: 2011-11-16
2015-02-19 18:24
Sounds good. I'm just slightly confused about the whole vote for old maps went?? Or was that just to keep us quiet for a while?
US Enlisted: 2014-12-26
2015-02-19 18:24
Bf4 needs a map that kinda relates more on what is going on today with our US troops. I think it would be cool to bring a map that is based more on the current wars.

Iraq or Seria idk about you guys but I think that would be cool.... If not that I like the idea of a Mian based map, as long as it's not close quarter.
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Enlisted: 2013-10-05
2015-02-19 18:28
I don't have premium so if anyone that does have it likes this go ahead and relay it.

A night time map on a military compound with low light. Full Moon at first with plenty of light then heavy cloud cover takes it away leaving it completely dark, maybe rain too. A power station to control power. Cut the lights to the base leaving people to their flashlights and night vision. Though you cant have someone sitting on the switch flicking it on and off real fast. Maybe once powers been cut off you have to repair it with a torch then wait a couple of minutes for the system to reboot. A couple of remote control camera sentry guns in a hallway or two. Coordinating with your team and turning the lights on at the right time would blind anyone using night vision.
US Enlisted: 2014-08-24
2015-02-19 18:29
SmoothieKingLive said:
We need a down out right in your face a$$ kicking map.....make it kinda small so it becomes a bigger fire fight an the option to have 64 players. No upstairs no roof camping just a strait up front line fire fight. Somthing like storming the beach an the other team has to dig in fast an stop us from pushing them back .
That sounds like Operation Locker & Metro buddy !! haha
Well yea that be another good map butt just wide open no way to camp or hide have to learn to stay alive with the tools given to you just like being on the front line in a war you know what I mean? People have to be smarter with there tactics. Wide open fire fights will show the true skills of a player force people to be a team player .... dice is the shit I know they could tweak my idea an turn it into there best masterpeace ever.
US Enlisted: 2012-01-05
2015-02-19 18:30
I said pretty much the same thing, office building or hotel 10 floor minimum
GB Enlisted: 2013-04-21
2015-02-19 18:31
How about a retail park map, no planes allowed though
US Enlisted: 2014-02-09
2015-02-19 18:33
How about a really big scale jungle map taking time during night! with traps around & where ghillie suits come in handy ;) this would be amazing.
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