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Battlefield 4 Night Operations Tactical Strategy

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2015-08-14 20:51
2 year COD:2 and 6 year CS 1.6 & CS:S Competitive Online/LAN gamer. Hit me up for competitive BF4-PS4 gameplay. ID : YoungChrisMott
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2015-08-15 01:21
dlc close quarter svp.......
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2015-08-15 11:02
This map looks awesome. Don't get me wrong I love you guys. U are great devs but maybe next u could make a complete new map that changes from day to night halfway through. I know it's gonna be a challenge but if anyone can do it it's u guys Dice. See ya on the battlefield
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2015-08-15 13:17
M5YUILL_Reborn said:
Is it possible to leave a suggestion since its on topic. Make flash lights and taclights more effective against FLIR/IRNV.

2 ways I can see it working, flashlight shorter range but broad area and bounces off of smoke (whites it out) taclight longer range very narrow arc but can slightly piece the smoke but both mess with Night Vision.


The flashlight has a longer range broad reach illuminates an area more but isn't as blinding. Taclight short range and narrower area but super blinding.

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Nevaar_rgh said:
SandyJupiter51 said:
Together our voices made a kick ass game! ((But their will always be an "unhappy, living with parents, unemployed" hater, telling you that your lazy )) ...yall should make a dog tag for them lol. Peace out Peeps]
No, Together YOUR voices *ruined* BF4, which had been an otherwise OK game. OUR voices, on the other hand, have ensured that BFHL hit the ground at a dead stop - gonna do to Battlefront the same thing I did to Hardline; let someone else buy it for me (wasting their money not mine) then speak honestly about how bad it is, about the patches preventing the game from starting, the hackers, the campers, the kiddies, and the complete failure of any sort of teamplay (it is just another "multiplayer solitaire" game like BF4 has become). As for the dogtag, I had suggested one previously: A wood screw, a D6, and an unhappy EA customer bent over taking like a fanboy.

hey why you keep comment if you hate the game so much go to .... And let us be excited
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2015-08-16 05:17
williamsdavi316 said:
Fixnow said:
What changes when playing a Battlefield 4™ map that takes place at night? How can you best exploit this new setting and come out the victor? This tactical guide will get you started and ready for nighttime play in Battlefield 4 Night Operations when it releases in September 2015. []

The new night map, Zavod: Graveyard Shift (based off of Zavod 311), is dark and has several differences to its daylight counterpart.

Here are some examples:

Destructible lights
At night, the map is littered with destructible lights, which you can use to your advantage. Want to make sure you gain the upper hand using night vision scopes? Take all lights out in an area and prey on your enemies!

Ground Level fog
At night, the exterior areas are blanketed in a thick fog – this fog makes it very hard to spot players on the ground from above – unless you sport a night vision scope…

Vehicle lights
All vehicles have lights, which makes anyone inside an easy target – don’t use vehicles if you want to stay hidden!

Flanking routes
With darkness descending on the map, using flanking routes on the side of the map is a very viable tactic to get around the center area and take a backside objective from the enemy.

Use new Gun Master to your advantage
We’ve added a new Gun Master weapon preset with night vision and utility in mind – use to practice night time play if you haven’t unlocked all the needed gadgets yet. It really shines when played on the alternate Gun Master layout on Zavod: Graveyard Shift! []


Battlefield 4 Night Operations release includes several improvements to “gadgets of the night” and their usability on the Battlefield.

Think about what cues you give off:

Gets you quickly from point A to B, but makes footstep sounds which makes you easy to pinpoint and prey on.

Vehicle usage
Being in a vehicle normally means relative safety, but headlights and engine sounds put a rather large target on your back

Flashlight, laser, and other weapon attachments
While great help in an engagement, they draw attention to your position and exact location. []


Smoke + Nightvision scopes
An oldie but goodie, chuck a smoke grenade into an area and using your night vision scope to pick off unsuspecting enemies. This works best in narrow passages, like the underground tunnel between C & D for instance.

Flare + LMG
Used as a Smoke + Nightvision counter, Flares negate the positive aspects of night vision scopes, and you’ll be able to blanket the area with bullets as it’s engulfed in smoke.

Flashbangs + Shotgun/PDW
A tactic viable in both and nighttime play. Using a flashbang against a night scope user gives you a significant advantage in the dark, even more so than using a flashbang under normal conditions. Clean it up with a well-placed shotgun blast and you’re deadlier than ever.

Dirty, dirty claymores & mines
Claymores are very effective at nighttime, especially if you are being hunted. Remember to use sounds to your advantage, or why not your flashlight? AT Mines are also very effective in negating that pesky tank, but they do have a new little red blinky light attached to them, so you’re not all out of luck if you’re controlling a vehicle if you keep your eyes peeled!

We hope that this information equips you the tools you need for the night time playstyle.

See you during the Graveyard Shift!
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2015-08-16 13:13
I'm excited about the new night map but I will say what we've all been thinking.. BRING BACK TEHRAN HIGHWAY!
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2015-08-17 16:23
Why not call this what its really going to be "The non PTO everyone's a sniper version"
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2015-08-17 20:14
is Zavod 311 the only map that is getting a graveyard shift because that is the only map I've been hearing about the night shift for and no others? .........
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2015-08-18 02:58
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Looks cool. I hope they get the night vision right so that it is not a "must have" when you play on this map. Night vision is great but any form of light, even at good distances can white out night vision. Even someone taking a draw from a cigarette at 500 meters looks like they are smoking a road flare. Infra Red is just as sensitive with heat signatures. Thanks Dice for bringing this new map in. Looking forward to more innovative ideas like this one in the future as well.
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2015-08-18 08:21
Can't wait.
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2015-08-18 09:06
we want dice la make BTF5
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2015-08-18 22:33
Yo... I unlocked the Virgo dog tag , but then I suddenly got Dice LA tags, Dice Friends tags, CTE tags (every one, on ps4,don't even have CTE) plus some other random dog tags which I believe I never unlocked. Help? I mean, I'm pretty sure DICE has no clue who I am and I don't think I work at Dice LA....
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2015-08-19 00:52
All they need to do is remake the bf2 spec ops night maps. Miss the nvg and grapelling hooks
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2015-08-19 01:51
Man the wait is killing me lol
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2015-08-19 08:15
Along with the night maps and everything else being added to the game. You guys should add a weapon called the Kriss Vector it would be a very interesting addition to the game.
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2015-08-19 08:26
Blinking lights on mines oh dear what next flashing arrows to show claymores.
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2015-08-19 13:56
PunctualMass2 said:
Along with the night maps and everything else being added to the game. You guys should add a weapon called the Kriss Vector it would be a very interesting addition to the game.

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2015-08-19 18:32
I've got over 200 hours on this map bf4 players are in for a treat when this map is released I would like to see more players in the bf4 cte. I'm rank 124 in the cte and can safely say the #1 rank on xb1. In order for the cte program to work we need more of the bf4 community to participate in the cte.
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