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Battlefield 4 Night Operations Tactical Strategy

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2015-11-19 06:18
Roykiee010 said:
117_HoruS said:
It would be nice to add some tutorial or advice about "how to use squad orders". It's rare squad leader use them, despite the fact it can give you a large number of points, and even make you win...
I agree, I feel like the majority of the community doesn't even know this is possible. It's very frustrating playing every game with a team full of baboons.
US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2015-11-19 07:10
Yes i agreed with you guys we do have a bunch of apes playing battle field 4 ,there just a bunch of ponks they steel you tanks or aa,jets helis etc etc ,they think there playin cod or halo .
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2016-01-10 16:40
I'll have what he's having...
Wat btf did its nothing yat tray to not make same mestakes in 5 watch moh 10 watch ubisoft lern from rc. The cam the gun. You know wat go to iraq see waht war mens make btf5 the game that no one make befor then you will win
It means pull my finger and I'll launch a pedo in your direction.
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2016-01-11 20:18
I wonder if there will be another other night maps! This one seems quite good!
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2016-05-07 02:10
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PT Enlisted: 2014-07-27
2016-05-11 22:44
IFV with thermal, easy!
DK Enlisted: 2012-07-07
2016-05-11 23:43
Still waiting for Metro night map :)
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