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We are The Higher Cause - PS3 & PS4

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2016-06-16 21:35


We are The Higher Cause Platoon. We use Teamwork, Communication and Courage while we fight for every win. We are a HARDCORE PS3 & PS4 platoon. Our headquarters are based in North America but we welcome all English speakers from all over the world. You can find our THC/T members on the battlefields of BF4, BFH and soon to be BF1. We have a great active community, a updated website, active servers, weekly platoon events/matches, a full ranking system and random contests with psn gift card rewards!

"Teamwork. Honor. Commitment. The Higher Cause." We offer both casual and competitive platoon styles. We have two tags that represent The Higher Cause: THC and THCT

THC is the base division of the platoon. All members start in this division. We also use this division of our casual players. After 3 months in the platoon, you will have a chance to join tactical division. THCT represents our competitive division. Each tactical member has gone through the mandatory two-week tryout and got the approval by each leader. No matter what, THC/T will always fight for each other on the battlefield.

Still interested? Apply today! To join The Higher Cause, we require that you apply on BOTH battlelog and on our website. We do this so we can stay organized and it helps us find true applicants, not platoon hoppers. You will need to access battlelog on a PC to fully apply. Click on the next two links to start your process to join The Higher Cause Platoon. [] []

"On behalf of The Higher Cause, We hope you choose our platoon to call home. Good luck in your search. See you on the battlefield!" - JARMET (Founder)
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