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Looking for competitive, serious platoon.

Enlisted: 2013-08-02
2016-06-16 22:27
Hey everyone, I'm interested in joining another serious & competitive platoon as my previous one has unfortunately more or less disbanded & doesn't play together anymore. I'm looking for only serious platoons please.

About me:
-I'm Canadian.
-I'm 18.
-I have a mic.
-I'm available most hours of the day to play.
-PS4 only.
-Add me Pads33.

Hopefully I hear back from some people soon. Feel free to message me on PS or reply on here.

US Enlisted: 2015-02-06
2016-06-16 22:56
Join (PSYN) (eSyn) Phantom Syndicate today and be a Phantom on the battlefield! Our platoon plays Hardline as well as BF4, and we will be hitting BF1 hard from the gate! We are a large, fast growing platoon with many extremely talented players from all over the world! We regularly participate in platoon battles, and we are gearing up for a BF1 ladder tournament at! We have organized Elite Phantom Syndicate teams (eSyn) that are participating in the HL vanilla ladder tournaments, and the premium ladder tournaments as well as platoon scrimmages on BF4 & BFH. Our leadership is second to none! We have designated leader ranks which are earned through bettering our platoon in many different ways. We have a platoon chat on the app called "Line", and also our own FB page and youtube channel. You must meet a K/D, SPM requirement to be considered for our platoon. There is a different requirement of stats to be considered for our Elite battle teams!When you apply we will look over your stats and see if you will be a good addition to our platoon. Please do not apply if your KD is under 1.5, or your SPM is under 400. You may be awarded a try-out if your stats are just shy of the required credentials, you can also make a request for a try-out. You must have a mic to join. If interested add Cloudsk85, butcher307, BenChieffen, Vycinas2, exor or FINboy1995 to battlelog, and cloudsk85 to PSN (make sure to leave a message implying that you want to join, make sure to include your stats for either BFH or BF4) and one of us will assist you asap. Or you can hit one of the links below and it will direct you to our platoon page on either BFH or BF4 and you can hit the apply button!
I hope you decide to fight with the (PSYN) Phantoms on the battlefield!

BFH platoon page: []

BF4 platoon page: []

Links to our Phantom Syndicate Twitch broadcasters:
BF:H + BF4 - []
BF:H - []
BF:H - []
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