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BF4 Beta Feedback

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So basically it's my feedback for the BF4 Beta test.


i3 560 @ 3.8 GHz
OCZ 6GB Ram CL7 @ 1216MHz
Asus P7H55-M Mobo
GF GTX 460 CYCLONE OC 1GD5 1GB @ stock clocks with 327.23 drivers

1. Revive timers are too short

It is practically impossible to revive a mate if you have to kill someone before you do it and your mate is further than 1m from you - by the time you kill the guy, pick defib and load it the revive icon disappears in 90% of cases.

2. Performance problems

Yes, everyone posts this here, but I gotta say that after installing 327.23 WHQL drivers my game is pretty much playable for a BETA, and no, I dont have high-end PC. I'm getting average of 35 FPS with 1080p all low + mesh @ high, which is great when you have in mind that the beta is highly unoptimized and future can only be better.

3. "C" Flag area on deploy screen after the skyscraper goes down is blurred

4. Peaking function is bugged sometimes.

Sometimes the weapon model goes offset without zooming and sometimes the function doesn't work at all.

5. If suppresion is LMG only why do I get suppresion assists when playing AK12 or any other non-LMG weapon?

6. 1080p res gives more fps than 720p - atleast for me.

The difference is like 50% (15-25fps @ 720p vs 30-45 @ 1080p) - weird but true.[

7. Textures on Domination somehow seem to look better than on Conquest, dunno how to explain this, but especially after the Skyscraper comes down
the textures are all the same, plain and boring.

8. Movement seems a bit sloppy. Sometimes when you try to vault over the obstacle you may go into textures.

9. We can see (again) people that are crouching and sliding like on ice without even moving their legs (hi @ BF3 Beta)

10. Aiming with tanks and bmp cannons + with rpg's is bit strange.

While firing the tank and bmp the shells seem to go bit lower than you aim. Different from RPG - it goes higher than it should, based on where you aim.

11. AK12 has too less recoil compared to Scar-H for example. It is too easy to control (new m16a3 inc).

12. You should be able to switch to your sidearm when having a battlepickup OR you should be able to pick it up again after dropping.

I picked up barret, then enemy popped out of the elevator - switched to sidearm, killed him but the M82A3 was gone - silly.

13. Most of textures are lot more blurred than these from BF3.

Compared to BF3 textures set at LOW with same setting in BF4 many textures are looking like 256x256 or even smaller res. It bothers me especially with the weapon models, I don't care THAT much bout environment. Tried to set texture filtering to ultra - nothing's changed.

14. The buttons icons in "in-game battlelog" do not represent the actual placement of them.

You gotta move the mouse around the buttons and find a place where you are actually able to click them.

15. The scoreboard in post-game screen is partly covering the menu selection.

I mean it's over the "statistics", "unlocks", "missions" etc. buttons.

16. The bodies are sliding after death.

17. After "C" Skyscraper gets destroyed the boat spawns go crazy.

It happens that the attack boat spawns on streets/roofs etc.

18. Floating debris.

After some smaller buildings (like watchtowers) get destroyed some pieces of them are just floating in mid-air.

19. Post-game unlock icons.

They are bugged, often blink just for milisecond (especially the battlepack icon which blinks in the same moment that rank-up appears)

20. Knife kill notification.

It is delayed, appears like 1 second after the whole animation, not instantly after the kill.

21. Building textures.

It appears that many building textures that aren't in centre of map are looking like some kind of shiny metal/mirror.

22. Skyscraper falling down causes MASSIVE stutter and fps choke.

23. The bullet drop acts weird.

I wasn't able to shoot a guy that was laying down like 50-60m from me with Sniper Rifle equipped with iron sight, it's pretty damn hard to aim properly without having longer range scope.

24. Ghost hits.

It seems like they're back, had like 2 ghost hits with tank shell on Viper chopper. Also it seems like there are some ghost hits with gunner's machine gun in attack helis.

25. Lock-On RPG's.

It's ridiculous, I'd get rid of it. None of RPG launchers ever had Lock-On variants. Also the signs of vehicle that is laser painted are waaaaaaaaay too big.

26.Graphical options.

Changing most of them has absolutely ZERO effect for me. Even the ambient occlusion settings seem to give no improvements at all. It's easiest to notice with "Mesh Quality" and being on "C" flag after the Skyscraper is down. When you look at the road on china side of water there are some boxes, but you can only see them when zoomed in with your sniper rifle scope, when zoomed out they're invisible - doesn't matter if mesh is low, high or even ULTRA.

27. Hyperthreading (INTEL)

Seems like disabling hyperthreading cause beta to crash @ loading stage.

28. Deploy screen.

The icons are showing wrong positions of empty vehicles. Also when you select a squad mate to spawn on him you can't see his weapon etc. when you look at the battle feed.

29. Elevators.

It happens that elevator doors are getting bugged and do not close. The elevator doesn't go up but instead of this it just teleports us from low level to the destination. Also it seems that the elevators may work like a catapult.

30. Vehicle ammo.

IMO it ends way too fast, especially when you're a gunner in attack heli. Basically if you fly into a fight with more than 1 tank or even loads of infantry you are not capable of winning it as you end up with 0|0 ammo counter really really fast.

31. Process priority.

Seems like lowering the priority to LOW makes the fps bit more stable and even makes us able to gain few more fps (5-10 more here, depends on situation)

32. Minimap zoom.

It keeps reseting everytime you deploy.

33. Heli gunner cam.

If you switch to the second camera for heli gunner (China) your view is totally blocked by some unneeded stuff, you basically can't see ANYTHING on front of you.

34. Vehicle 3rd person cam.

Sometimes it zooms out from the vehicle giving a lot higher FOV. When you switch to 1st person and back to 3rd person it is normal again.

35. Unable to deploy.

Sometimes it happens that after you get killed and the killcam ends the deploy screen wasn't showing up unless you escaped to menu and went back to the game again. - Reported by doctorSENS.

36. Elevator + C4.

We're not able to drive the C4 up with the elevator, it's just stuck in the base floor.

37. Automatic elevator ride.

If someone just went to the highest level of building with elevator and you killed him and entered the elevator for some cover/heal/ammo restore the doors automatically close and you go to the base floor. The elevator should go ONLY if someone calls it from base/top floor, not automatically. If possible, there could be an option to just close/open the doors (for example on other side of the elevator room and outside it)

38. "C" Flag elevator.

When the skyscraper is down the elevator buttons are still there and useable (teleports u in mid air) - Reported by PowerCleaner.

39. Reloads.

The mechanic of interrupted reload (when you switch to sidearm/main gun after taking the old clip out) doesn't work at all. Also reload animations are bugged, they do not continue when you vault through some obstacle in mid-reload.

40. Console.

It is constantly flickering after bringing it up. - reported by Moonwalker_NL

41. Indestructible flowerpots.

The big flowerpots in front of the skyscraper is static as hell, cant even drive over them with a tank. Seriously, levolution... why cant we even destroy a flowerpot, same thing with pillars around the metro station holding up the glass roof. - reported by rytzlant.

42. Unlocks confusion.

When trying to find out how much xp is needed for a new weapon in the equip-page you need to first select your main weapon and go to the inventory page, then go back to weapons equip-page to find out how much xp you need to get for the weapon you are aiming for - reported by rytzlant.

43. Sounds missing/quality/volume.

Missing explosion sound when a tank shoots really close to you, also RPG seems to sound low in "war tapes" mode. - reported by cananbiano

44. Movement issue.

Passing trough small obstacles (sidewalk border, tinny elevations) makes your character get stuck (you need to jump to get over them) - reported by cananbiano

45. MRAP Damage

I once got killed in the MRAP by a hand grenade. HOW? That thing is built to take hits from the baddest IEDs out there and a little M67 blast got me? The MRAP's are meant to be heavier armored than normal HMMV, so it shouldnt happen. - reported by firefly740

46. Spawn points.

It often happens that you spawn in a position where are loads of enemies. I'd advise to make the spawns placement wiser. - reported by ScottyGwiZ

47. Transparent vehicles.

In a tank, you can shoot through others teammates tanks/LAVs and hit targets behind them. - reported by ScottyGwiZ

48. Stinger Misslock.

Stinger sometimes locks to a previous location of helicopters (like it locks to a location behind it). - reported by ScottyGwiZ

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2013-10-01 19:51
it would be nice if i could actually download the damn beta, ive been at it for 5 hours and everytime it gets to 100%, i suddenly loose a gigabyte and re-download what i
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2013-10-02 15:32
UPDATED (02.10.2013 - 17:32)
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2013-10-02 15:35
Why is the M136 CS such a lonely Battle Pick-Up? ;_;
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2013-10-02 15:39
Me4t_Kurtins said:

You mean catapulting/teleporting/doors glitches?

thanks, forgot to mention that, as actually none of them besides teleporting happened to me.

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2013-10-02 16:07
Also don't know if ea/dice problem or server problem lots of people cant
join servers they get the blue bar and that is all nothing pops up

i personally sat there for an hour trying to get into a server
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2013-10-02 16:22
also when the skyscraper is down the elevator buttons are still there and useable (teleports u in mid air)
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tk_patheticaim said:
Also don't know if ea/dice problem or server problem lots of people cant
join servers they get the blue bar and that is all nothing pops up

i personally sat there for an hour trying to get into a server

Well, DICE are aware of it, never happened to me so I don't post it here, but thanks.

PowerCleaner said:
also when the skyscraper is down the elevator buttons are still there and useable (teleports u in mid air)

thanks, updated the post.

If anyone find any glitch/bug/issue that ain't posted here - let me know, I may add it here. The goal is to have one thread listing the most of unlisted issues/bugs/glitches/problems.

I would also like to ask if ANY mod can stick this up, so this doesn't get lost in thousands of threads, as there are not much comprehensive feedback threads out there.

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Hey PAN,

Thank you for this, this is a great help and we appreciate the effort you have put in so far. I have taken the liberty of stickying this. This will be very helpful for gathering information to pass on to the devs. Keep it up :)

Thanks again.
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PC Feedback.

You can add :

1- The medic pack going through floors !
2- Throw a medic pack , it doesn't matter if you are crouching or not, the bag drops, then it looks like it is jumping and then disappear on the floor
3- Expected is to stay on the floor.

1- No sound when stabbing someone from behind ! (or being stabbed or stabbing back if someone tries to stab you). No sound at all.
2- Just try every settings and stab
3- Expected something similar than bf3

1- When I passed a level with an item, the orange bar went "too" big for the place holder (gun level) If you dont pass a level but just update it progress backwards
2- It was assault riffle passing a level
3- Expected |----------------|, Actual |--------------|------------- (I tried to represent the place holder being updated during the animation)

1- Spotting enemy through smoke/fire shouldn't be possible ! Also distance to spot should be adjust. I know the spotting can be deactivate but in soft core
everyone will spam Q to spot...
2- Well just press Q all the time you will spot enemy even you haven't seen them
3- Expected you should spot until a certain limit this is more realistic

1- The torch doesn't make a black mark on some walls. Tiny details but eh...
2- In Conquest, point A, in the parking, against the wall, try to use the torch, it doesn't mark the wall with black dot
3- Expected you should mark whatever you use the torch on

1- Too many details when you are not even close to it. Details like infrared mark, spotting ect, are too visible when you play and are not remotely close.
2- Just stand far from everything and watch, vehicle being marked, or infrared even tho you can't see them
3- Expected you should see notifications until a certain limit this is more realistic, Actual feels like we are robot with monitor on our face

1- Score menu overlapping the general menu...
2- Finish a round and see []
3- Expected, it should be lower than the menu

1- Game stopped working after trying to edit my load-out. will update if it happens all the time.
2- I was playing with my load-out, changing weapons, optics, ect and the game stopped working
3- Expected ... no bug :D

1- After vehicle explosion part of heli/vehicle stays in the air, just floating without moving
2- For example at the top of a skyscraper, rocket an helicopter when it is over the building, after the explosion you can see bits of the heli in the air
3- Expected nothing remains, or everything falls on the floors

1- After jumping off an heli you can see the 'e' macro telling you can jump in again even if the heli is far away
2- Jump of an heli and see the 'e' message always displayed
3- Should be displayed only if you are close enough to jump in

1- Details between USA and Japan unit are not really visible... without the red/blue arrow it is unclear
2- Not a bug just really improvement

1- Not sure if it is because of lags but when flying or using a vehicle it feels like suddenly it jumps, your view goes left to right, up and down even tho you move
slowly the mouse
2- As a gunner in heli, when you look around your vision feels very jumpy, not smooth at all, in general I have 30 fps so I dont think it is lag from connection
3- Expected you should feel like moving your head

1- Controlling rock launcher are really weird, compare to bf3 you can move up/down/left/right from one way to another in seconds, not reallistic
2- Get a rocket launcher on a floor, launch, and then move left to right or up and down, you will see the rocket moving really fast one point to another
3- Expected bf3 is a perfect example

1- The console is flickering and no 'clear' command after typing 'list'.
2- Open the console it flashes, type list you can't clear your console
3- Expected no flash, can clear console like a terminal

Following this :

1. The issue: What is the issue you have encountered - Provide a detailed description of the bug/issue so that it is easy for us to categorize them

2. Steps to reproduce: Some problems can be straight forward, others; not so much, providing each step will make it easier for the Devs to reproduce and attempt to fix

3. Expected result vs actual result: What did you expect to happen in this particular instance?
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Also: The console is flickering a bit when i checked.
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2013-10-02 17:15
you cant kill a gunner when there on the gun boat , the boat was sitting still and i was sniping them and they were no hits and i was less then 200m
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2013-10-02 17:16
Takes to long to enter or exit a vehicle. Seems like you have to hold the square button for 2 seconds. When you do exit it's random placement.
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2013-10-02 17:16 , edited 2013-10-02 17:18 by LiF3-0f-P4bL0
- Most of the time the fog (or how you call it..) that is supposed to show itself on the far buildings back in the map, is not there. When moving my character 1 milimeter to the right its gone, and move it 1 mm to the left its back. All the buildings have a weird shiny texture when this ´fog´ is gone.

This is also when standing on a high building, and you look around and see nothing of the fog. All the textures look really flat. But when zooming in with a sniper , for example, its back.

I don't know if its clear when i say 'fog'. Maybe you can also call it the ´climate´ of the map.

- Flickering console

- Elevator textures dissapear when going up, and after a big FPS drop, it regains it textures.
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A nice treat would be that if you shoot or blow up the electrical box inside garages or buildings, the light there would actually shut down...
Also, vehicles that isnt usable are considerably uglier than from bf3, both still standing, and when you explode them.

The big flowerpots in front of the skyscraper is static as hell, cant even drive over them with a tank. Seriously, levolution... why cant we even destroy a flowerpot, same thing with pillars around the metro station holding up the glass roof.

If we are going to see even more destruction of buildings and "levolution" than in Bf3, there cant be some items that are indestructible. Its all or nothing. Else players are going to learn like in bf3 "this wall is indestructible, this wooden sign cant be blown up and this flower pot equals a golden protection opportunity".

When trying to find out how much xp is needed for a new weapon in the equip-page you need to first select your main weapon and go to the inventory page, then go back to weapons equip-page to find out how much xp you need to get for the weapon you are aiming for

Really great list Pan! keep it up!
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2013-10-02 17:23
Sound Issues:

- Get shot by a tank too close makes no explosion sound.

- RPG sound when using "war tapes" is too low.


- passing trough small barriers (sidewalk border, tinny elevations ) makes your character get stuck (you need to jump)
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2013-10-02 17:26
The title bar of shared battlereport contains code blocks instead of the actual title in Battlelog. This list seems to be fine for what I've seen so far by playing the beta. Loving the Beta so far, so keep up the good work!
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2013-10-02 17:26
"An error was reported from EA Online"
Every time I attempt to join a server,I get this error. I can join as a spectator fine, but the fact I cant even try the beta is rather frustrating. And the Battlelog update just dissapears before I have the chance to even click it, then the download button.
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2013-10-02 17:27
A small bug I noticed is when you go from prone to sprinting, the sprint animation doesn't play; instead you get the normal walking animation with more or less movement depending on the weapon.
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2013-10-02 17:37
Played for 1 hour and 3/4 games (3 conquest/ 1 domination) never finished 'em officially coz of game freezes/crashes on ps3. Never had this on any game or demo before.
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