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Bf4 Stuck on Loading Level & white Screen

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2014-07-17 06:25
i also found a possible fix for those with EVGA Nvidia cards, close precision X 15 if you have it running before you launch the game

and after a few more tests i have concluded as follows

Origin in-game conflicts with the hooking of EVGA Precision X 15, but not previous versions, also closing EVGA Precision X 15 fixes the issue when Origin in game is enabled, so you can still use it if you wish, and vise verse

so it ultimately depends on if you would rather have origin in game, or Precision X 15 running while you play

let me know if this worked for any of you with this program/service

to amd users, dont care about your feedback, this does not apply to you
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2014-07-18 12:21
@JDTheMatrix Thank you, that fixed my issues.
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2014-07-25 10:08
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2014-07-25 19:47
1. this needs to be fixed by DICE but they apparently still don't give a damn

2. this topic needs moving from BETA to BF4 section, the bug existed from Beta to here and they didnt fix, but this won't happen because if they move it it will get more attention and they don't want to look into the bug, so it will keep them away from doing that.

Now the question, how bad can DICE developers be to simply ignore stuff like this? big part of PCs have it and it affects many players, look at this topic how often BF4 was being quit for this. They have gotten the order to ''work'' more on fixing bugs getting of their lazy asses because it would deliver bad imago if not, but can't even fix simple and longlasting bugs like this here?
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2014-08-02 18:32
JDTheMatrix said:
There are few things you likely have to do, 10 "easy" steps... I have been tearing my hair out as well and after I did all the things listed below it finally worked (the Origin In Game uncheck was the last piece of the puzzle, EFFIN EA!)

7.) Ensure Origin In Game is unchecked by going to Origin, Application Settings and then In game
8.) Ensure all other game overlays are disabled (afterburner etc.)

Thanks bro, this helped i can play bf4 now. actually i could run afterburner later on. probably the main problem is origin in game.
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2014-08-03 00:04
Disable Origin in game worked for me. Let me get this straight. Origin made by EA and required to play BF4 needs to be disabled in game to get BF4 made by EA games to work. Awesome job.
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2014-08-03 21:03
Yup, Riva Tuner was also causing the issue on my PC. I just have to close EVGA Precision before playing BF4 and everything is fine
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2014-08-05 05:31
Hi guys,
I couldn't solve the problem three weeks, nothing helped until I started a new administrator account
I hope this will help you :)
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2014-08-08 08:50
Disabled msi afterburner, riva tuner, and unchecked origin in game, fired right up.
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2014-08-09 07:27
За год уроды игру не могу починить. Жопа просто
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2014-08-09 17:21
River Tuner is the problem I had too.
Loading screen was using 0% GPU, and keeping the GPU in low power mode. Quit River Tuner, and game suddenly come to life.
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2014-08-13 15:57
Guys if you are running Riva Statistics server then you should disable it because that was the problem for me.
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2014-08-14 12:03
I'm done with this, have fun with my money EA , i won't be using any of your products anymore ...
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2014-08-14 17:32

So when I join a server, the game screen comes up all white and frozen. After waiting for like 10 mins, Battlefield 4 on Chrome says Error: Game disconnected - Please reconnect. As soon as that happens, the game starts to come up but freezes again.


Windows 7 X 64
Corei5 4670 OC 4.3GHZ
MSI GD65 Gaming
Corsair Vengeance 8GB
GTX 460 OC Sli
Seagate 2TB 7200 RPM

I know it is not my system but is there a known fix. I am planning to buy this game but if this persists I will be forced to change my decision.
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2014-08-18 21:02
Fuck Dice never buying anything from them again
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2014-08-18 22:11
I wish any of this worked, but nope. It used to be I could just close down MSI afterburner and it would work but not anymore. I even uninstalled the damn thing.
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2014-08-19 03:35
Disabled Origin in game. AB working perfect and I'm able to join a game finally.
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2014-08-27 10:29
Rainbow112-DK said:
FIXED !!! (maybe not for all)

i had the same problem. played 1 week ago and then it didnt work yesterday after an update. but disable Origin in game fixed it for me. if i turn it on again, it crash on loading. so im sure thats where the error is.

In Origin - Application settings - Origin in Game - disable Origin in game

Worked like a dream
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2014-08-27 15:34
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2014-09-05 15:22
Still happening a lot, especially while changing maps...
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