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Multiple controllers are not supported

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2013-10-02 06:50
TO the developers grew up with game consoles exclusively and don't play on PC at all:

Since this is a PC, it can have multiple game controllers, for the same player.

BF4 only recognizes the first device. Others do not work at all in the settings.

For example, I have Ch Products Fighterstick, Pro Throttle, and ProPedals connected. Only the Throttle is recognized as a controller by BF4. Others don't work in BF4 settings at all. (They DO work in other games, some are FPS, some are flight simulation games. So there's no hardware or driver issue at all).

But this is still a big step better than BF3, at least BF4 does not recognize all devices as 360 controller and call my X axis "Trigger".
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2013-10-05 22:50
I would have thought they would add support for multiple input devices. Why not?!

Trying to hook up HOTAS Warthog with stick and throttle and the Saitek combat rudder pedals.. I can get pedals + stick, but no throttle yet.
I'm using Saiteks' profile editor to assign the pedals to a 'mouse axis'

maybe HOTAS users can assing the throttle through the T.A.R.G.E.T. software.

Crossing fingers for official release support.
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2013-11-04 19:55
May I add my 2 cents? I also have a CH combat stick and pedals and can get neither to work. I have spent days now uninstalling h.i.d. compliant controllers from the device manager trying to find out which one is overriding my game controllers. I also use a Razer Nostromo and tried to get my xbox controller to work with the nostromo unplugged as bf4 seems to be geared towards console kiddies rather than the loyal pc gamers like us but no luck.

I condemn you, DICE, for your non-existant user experience feedback and support. I have not seen one post on these forums from anyone in your company addressing issues or answering questions. User experience is a two way path and you fail, why I cannot comprehend. Rockstar has just posted earnings probably quadruple yours this quarter and yet still find the resources to have representitives answer questions and placate the disenchanted. Also, they fix the problems their customers point out. Learn from them.
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2013-11-08 12:16 []

Maybe this will work? I'm gonna try it when I'm at home.

AcE_0Z said:
Thanks for the help this sort of work for me i did the above steps but i didn't bother to delete the key bindings in jet & heli
i only delete the joystick setting
I then reinstall my saitek cyborg force drivers & low & behold i could fly with my joystick YAH
But then i reinstall my logitech G13 gamepad drivers now i am back to no joystick working :(
even tho i can still see my joystick setting in BF3
So my problem is that BF3 will only see my G13 game pad & not my joystick when i have them both installed
I never had this problem in BF2 COME ON DICE GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

P.S. I work out way to get both my G13 & and Joystick to work This is a bit of a pain to do but it works
I start BF3 with my joystick plug in + my G13 plug in i shut down my G13 software before i join a BF3 server once i am in the game i alt tab out restart my G13 software alt tab back in the game & all is good this keeps on working until i change servers
i hope this helps

Just letting u all know i have fixed this so i don't have to do the above step
i went in to win7 device manger & disable logitech G13 joystick & all is good now
now just start BF3 and every thing works
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2014-02-22 01:33
I just got a brand new saitek x55 rhino and the game doesn't read my throttle.... fail Dice... again..multiple controller support is standard these days, get with the times.
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2014-03-08 11:42
PLEASE add Multiple Controllers Support !!!

I just bought a X-55 as well and i want to use this awesome product in BF4
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2014-03-17 02:20
Bump for support!
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2014-03-17 14:22
I got my x-55 to work !!!

You have to use PPjoy & PPjoy joy (here you map your Axis)
and then you have to map all your config with the H.U.D. Software.

Alternative you can map up to 16 Buttons in PPjoy joy (but the you are limeted to 16 Buttons)

Hope this helps a bit
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2014-03-18 18:25
Can you use rudder pedals as well?

Also, will this allow scaling control, or does this simply make the inputs mimic keystrokes (binary control)?
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2014-03-22 08:46
See my post: []
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2014-03-25 17:17
does it work right now`? any news? i want to buy/add pedals for playing in future.
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2014-06-24 22:14
HOTAS Throttle not workiing :(
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2014-08-06 00:15
They look good, and the X52 worked, but this is a POS and their Technical support says it works. Their thrusters are set to work as X Y so it is useless. I tried the work around and that just seems pointless as only ONE controller shows up. I'll do everything in my power to destroy the reputation of Saitek and Madcatz until they fix this and it isn't all EA or DICE's fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2014-09-16 15:22
:( just got my x-55 and now this.not cool.
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2014-10-22 21:48
yeah also trying to use my x55.... quite upsetting DICE
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2015-01-07 04:13

Well, So much for trying to ditch my aging Sidewinder precision 2 USB with an X55 Rhino, but then I guess I should have figured it wouldn't work right considering I had to clear the default binds and rebind everything from scratch when I first started playing BF4 using the sidewinder.

However, DICE, if your goal was to completely ignore the possibility that people would want to use anything other than an XBox controller for a PC game then you nailed it 200%.
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2015-02-01 09:39
no New ?? !!!!

PLEASE add Multiple Controllers Support !!!
PLEASE add Multiple Controllers Support !!!
PLEASE add Multiple Controllers Support !!!
PLEASE add Multiple Controllers Support !!!
PLEASE add Multiple Controllers Support !!!
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2015-02-21 00:57
This game has been out now for a good while and still have yet to add the support,not going to either apparently and couldnt care less.I will never waste my money on DICE games...stupid as hell not to have the support for multiple controllers.Uninstalling again.
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2015-04-15 17:37
I am using a razer nostromo and a ch products combat stick and in order to get both to work I have to unplug my nostromo once every single map starts and then plug it back in. Then the joystick is recognized and the nostromo still works as a keyboard.
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2016-01-12 22:40 , edited 2016-01-12 22:53 by ZelliBigEd
hi folks
just deactivate the g13 Joystick, just how mentioned in the beginning of the post BF4 only recognizes one joystick, for whatever they could not implement that in the game. i have spent hours till i recognized this.
first i wanted to get my gamepad working but failed.

my config ist a mouse a logitech g13 where i use "WASD" on the Joytick --> this still works when the g13 joystick is deactivated in device manager.
now i use a thrustmaster warthog where i have to use the T.A.R.G.E.T software because there are two joysticks thrust and stick.
the T.A.R.G.E.T software makes from this 2 input devices one joystick and voila it works just fine for me know.

--> just who wants to know why the sticks / gamepads etc. are not working

Just as menitioned BF4 only supports one device! deactivate all other controllers /sticks etc. and use only one device.

When you want to use the F16 Flight stick and a ruder from saitek this would be very special you would have to use a sofrware like virtualjoystick to combine this 2 devices as one virtual device if this is possible so i had to with the thrustmaster warthog and their T.A.R.G.E.T. software... just ask me if you want to know more about this special thing in BF4

i do not know how to follow this thread and i found this via google so i let this post open for a while in my browser to give a little feedback for those who got frustrated like me :)

the nostromo has also a joystick just deactivate the joystick in device manager this should help... bye
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