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Guide to the Platoons forum

SE Enlisted: 2013-07-16
2014-03-05 16:24
Welcome to the Platoons section of the Battlelog forums! Here, you will be able to recruit members to your own Platoon and/or find a Platoon suitable for you. If you're new to Platoons, hit the link below for all intel on the feature.

All details on creating and managing Platoons []

Although Platoons is a cross-platform feature in Battlefield 4, we have divided the forum in sections for PC, PS3/PS4, and X360/XONE. This is for users who wish to recruit members playing on a specific platform.

Discussions in these threads should concern the Battlefield 4 Platoons only. Of course, our regular forum guidelines apply here as well: Guide to forum use []
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Thread is locked.