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Saitek X-55 HOTAS Workaround (Complete Solution)

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2014-03-22 08:09
The HOTAS problem with BF4 is well known (an inexplicable, but that's another story...). Simply, you CANNOT use multiple controllers natively. DICE has chosen not to support multiple controllers and it doesn't look like that's changing anytime soon. Luckily there is a simple solution (although it took about 4 hours of digging and 1/3 of a bottle of Feckin Irish Whiskey to figure it out :P).

Step 1: Download Universal Joystick Remapper from EvilC (many thanks to EvilC, I take no credit for this program) []

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the Readme, namely, install VJoy from here (download and install the .exe file): []

Step 3: Run Configure vJoy from the Start menu. Make sure X, Y, Z and R/Rz/Rudder are selected. Set buttons to 32. Target device is 1.

Step 4: Run UJR.exe (you downloaded this in Step 1). Make sure vJoy Stick ID is 1. Now, set the following:

Virtual Axis 1 (X) -- Physical Stick ID 1 -- Physical Axis 1 (I have a 10% Deadzone)
Virtual Axis 2 (Y) -- Physical Stick ID 1 -- Physical Axis 2 (I have a 10% Deadzone)
Virtual Axis 3 (Z) -- Physical Stick ID 2 -- Physical Axis 1 (check off Invert)
Virtual Axis 6 (RZ) -- Physical Stick ID 1 -- Physical Axis 4

As you may have guessed, Virtual Axis 3 is the one we're all after. Essentially what we've done is tricked the computer into thinking the 2 controller HOTAS setup is a single controller. Virtual Axis 3 is our throttle.

You can set the buttons in the Buttons 1 and 2 tabs, although I just left mine at the default right now. In game just map like you normally would; click on Throttle Up and move your throttle forward, then click on Throttle Down and move your throttle back.

Step 5: Profit!
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2014-03-28 03:28
Awesome thank you!!... have just spent 20mins wondering why BF4 wouldnt pick it up ................will try this now :)
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2014-03-28 03:30
Wait, the X-55 counts as two devices?
On my X-52 , the joystick plugs into the throttle and it all counts as one...
Here is how it works, when we compare our K/Ds, we assume you ALREADY try to PTFO. It's just a given that if you don't PTFO you suck...
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2014-03-28 03:34
The X-55 has 2 completely independent components
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2014-04-16 15:14
How do I work my rudder pedals into the equation?
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2014-04-16 15:18
Does the issue of Characters Spinning in circles still occur at times when having Flight Sticks and Controllers plugged in while using this fix? I ask because that is one of my main complaints with the poor support for Flight Sticks.
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2014-04-21 10:38
Thanks for the info. Looking into getting the Saitek X-55 for Battlefield.
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2014-08-06 00:19
This doesn't work at all.... MADCATZ (literally) assign the thruster module to the same X Y coordinates as the stick and in windows 8.1 only 1 of the sticks can be verified outside madcatz software, total fail. If you like flying with stick and keyboard, great, but that's not why I bought this POS.
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This worked perfectly after alot of tweaking. I had alot of issues with the throttle not showing up in UJR, after a while I found a tool called "JOYids". Tool allows you to change physical id's, I had to change my throttle id from 1 to 5, after that the UJR discovered the throttle.

JOYIDS download url: []

PS: If you have problems installing VJOY on Windows 8.1, you got to allow unsigned drivers.
Follow this guide: []

Good luck!
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2014-08-14 15:38
I have my trusty Logitech Extreme 3D Stick. It's built like a tank as it has crashed on the hard tile floor many times over the years without breaking. I have not even mapped it yet. I should go into the training area and do that now. I had many great years with it in Battlefield Vietnam in early 2000's with it.
I never leave anything to chance.
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2014-11-25 00:38
I couldnt get this to work at all. Vjoy doesnt give me the possibility to edit anything. what am i doing wrong ??

Please help
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What does dice have against game controllers, that aren't gamepads, anyway? seriously, the last time my saitek series flightstick and throttle worked was on BF2 with the X36 series.
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2014-11-25 06:55
Joysticks ruled from BF42 to BF2.....Now its all KB/Mouse crap :-(
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2014-11-25 21:46
Ok, I have followed these instructions and now my X-55 throttle is working well in BF4. For some reason, I cannot bind my Fire function to my X-55 Joy stick. I cannot seen to bind any keys to my Joy stick.

Can someone help me with this issue?
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Just to clarify things. Battlefield 4 does NOT support multi-controlles, problem occurs since X-55 are two devices.

VJOY makes those two devices into one virtual device.
UJR helps you map up the different functions/buttons/movements on the devices.

Remember to keybind everything ingame after doing what's described above.

@vfx_monkey1969: You need UJR
@Jimbo6499: Remember to bind keys on button1 tab in UJR

Good luck everyone, it's totaly worth all the work. X-55 in bf4 rocks.



Seems like people still are having problems. Since I don't got time to answer people adding me as friend, I'll break it up.

1. Download VJOY (Link in the original poster).

Open "Configure VJOY"

Do the following settings:

Axes, apply everything.

POV hat switch, apply Continuous and set 3 povs.

Number of buttons, set "32".

Action, Configure.

Remember to choose "Create".

Click Apply, then OK.


Download VJOY ID's

Check the physical id's to joystick and throttle.


Download UJR

Open UJR.exe

Go to tab "Axes 1"

On 1 (X), 2 (Y), 3(Z) set physical id for joystick.

Set correct physical axis id's.

X = right and left.
Y = up and down.
Z = rudder

On 6 (RZ) set physical id for throttle, set correct id for physical axis. Make sure to apply "Invert".

Go to tab "Buttons 1"

Set joystick id, set a button number, use a key on the joystick. Keep doing this for all the buttons you want to use.


Start battlefield, start configuring keybindings.

Good luck!
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2014-12-13 21:01
thanks you for the time you spend on it, it works fine !

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2014-12-18 16:54
Works great just got the X55 and have the G27 already mapped all
now i can drive in game with the wheel and pedals also pedals work as rudder control no need to buy pedals for flight its great fun

thanks again
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2015-01-29 00:25 , edited 2015-01-29 05:01 by troybob
just got my X-55. You suck DICE/EA. Will try this trick and report back.

EDIT: Worked just fine. thanks for the info. in UJR i did have to map the buttons. First 16 i mapped to stick 1 buttons 1-16 and the next 16 i mapped to stick 2 buttons 1-16.

Works like a charm.

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2015-01-31 20:36
working on getting a 55 also, thanks, booked :)
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2015-02-22 04:42

Get X55 to Play Nice with Logitech G27 Wheel

I had a hard time getting the x55 throttle to be recognized in UJR. The Joy IDs program let me know it was device 4, but I tried all the device IDs and all the Axis options and could get the throttle to move anything in UJR. Another issue I had was Battlefield only recognizing the X55 stick and not the vJoy stick I setup (despite the vjoy stick having ID 1). Below is my fix for those issues:

X55 Throttle in UJR Fix (I have window 8.1)
-Go to Devices and Printers in the Control Panel
-Right click all the controllers (gamepad icons) and choose remove for each (I had the X55 Stick, X55 Throttle, HID which was really the Logitech G13 Joystick, and Logitech G27 Wheel).
-Restart your PC
-Go back to Devices and Printers in Control Panel and right click on 1 of the contollers.
-Choose Gamepad Settings (I forget the exact name, but should be top option).
-You should now see a list of controller and their Status.
-vJoy should now be the top of the list which is the only want I could get battlefield to use that as the joystick.
-Open UJR and you should now be able to map the Axis 1 for the throttle (whatever ID JoyIDs gives you) and see the slider move as you move the throttle.
-You should be ready to enjoy your HOTAS in BF4 (remember to keep UJR open and bind only joystick keys/axis you need in BF4.
-If you have the G13 game keyboard like me, I suggest disabling the joystick for it in Device Manager (seems to screw up device IDs often).

UJR is great, but Battlefield only lets me treat 4 sets of axes (X, Y, Z, and Rz) as analog controls. Rx and Ry get treated as on/off buttons. Not a problem if you just want your HOTAS to work, but I want it all ... X55 for Jets/Copters WITH Rudder control (using G27 clutch and gas pedals) AND use the G27 wheel for true steer (not just on off crap). It took a lot of trial and error, but I found a solution:

X55 Hotas + Logitech G27 clutch/gas pedal rudder + G27 wheel for land vehicles with gas/break pedals

-Bind the G27 wheel to X axis in vJoy
-X55 Stick Y to vjoy Y
-X55 Throttle to vjoy Z
-G27 Clutch to vjoy Rz and pick the Rest H option from the drop down to the left of the ID drop down click the Invert check box
-Go to UJR Axis 2 tab choose G27 gas for Rz and make sure to choose Merge (I might try Greatest instead).
-Make sure to setup POV tab for X55 stick.
-What about your stick X axis? The magic part is going into the Mad Catz software, create a profile and map the stick X axis to mouse X.
-Now go into BF4 remove all mouse look binding from helicopter/jet (you will use you X55 POV for these).
-Remove the Joystick X axis binding for helicopter/jet and map to Roll right/left to the mouse Xaxis (using your stick to make sure you did the Mad Catz part right).
-Now you can set the wheel/pedals for ground vehicles, HOTAS/pedals for rudder in air vehicles.

It is a lot of work, but damn it is fun using a wheel and pedals to control jeeps, boats, atvs, etc, then jump into a helicopter or jet with immersive control of throttle, rudder pedals, and the stick. Now you will just need to remember to open UJR and make sure your profile is set in Mad Catz before BF4 runs ... small price to pay for the immersion.
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