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Free server banners....

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2016-02-23 16:59
Can you help me with the banner?
alles wird gut
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2016-02-24 09:24
GerNextTopKilla said:
Can you help me with the banner?

let me know what text you want on it, along with any preference for images :)
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2016-02-24 17:11
hey man can you make me a banner
GB Enlisted: 2012-02-26
2016-02-25 14:26
maybe start doing GRAV'S too ?
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2016-02-28 07:26
Hey, i would like to make a request if possible :)

I am the Leader of a growing group called The Naughty Ninjas (Don't let the name sway you heh, we are nice i swear!) and we are just forming a new foothold within the BF4 community. We are majorly known within the DUST 514 community for being one of the top competitive teams there, also, we have guilds, clans, and groups on Defiance, Destiny and ESO.

We have a little website [] that we are working on at the moment to help us socially.

I was hoping you would be able to help us with something in the way of graphic design since i noticed your post. A banner would be awesome.

Thank you for your time :)
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2016-02-28 18:21
Where do I apply my own theme in the server settings or battle log settings ? It's my first time renting a server :( PLEASE HELP .
ZA Enlisted: 2015-10-24
2016-03-02 09:39
hi can you make me one
platoon is FIRE
emblem is a green flame burning the red team
US Enlisted: 2013-05-02
2016-03-05 16:44
I am looking for a banner for bf4 the name of it is THE ARK ANGLES
US Enlisted: 2015-08-26
2016-04-10 23:55
if you are still making banners send me a message thanks
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2016-05-02 19:44 , edited 2016-05-02 19:46 by I-KranK-l
kyuubi_clone said:
today i'm opening this thread to create server banners for the Battlefield community.
i started doing banners for rented servers in BF3 and it was a great way to personalise your server in any way you want....within boundaries of decency of course.
here is an example of the banners i make in photoshop. nothing too elaborate, but still nice enough considering the size limitations.

THESE EXAMPLES ARE ALL FOR BF3 SERVERS [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

remember all you have to do is make a request and i'll make it for you.
hope you guys like them.

these are for nic cage [] [] [] []

these are for the AA-12 socialist club [] [] []

T-90 []

KILLFACTION [] [] [] []


SOD Clan [] [] []

Dat Ass! []



MV Clan []

Chuezit server [] [] []

Bear fruit []

Hell's Angels [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

KAOS Clan [] []

SATAN's Angels []

RANDOM BANNERS [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Teamwork []

BOA server - several options. [] [] [] []

SOP Clan []

BOA server - several options. [] [] [] []

Poke-something lol [] []

JHD server [] [] []

More Extras [] [] [] [] [] []

Nic Cage house of fun [] [] []

Memes [] []

Infantry only [] []

Battlefield Friends []

More random banners []

theses are for the nerf servers out there - you know who you are - at least wear it proud [] [] [] []

only bcuz someone requested it..... []

for the pilots out there [] [] []

we were all n00bs on
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2016-05-14 16:50
Can you please make a U.S Marines Banner?
Enlisted: 2016-04-09
2016-05-15 17:31
US Enlisted: 2014-07-23
2016-05-30 03:59
Can you created a U.S Marines banner for bf4?
US Enlisted: 2015-01-30
2016-06-03 05:56
Can you make one for gytb
Enlisted: 2015-06-06
2016-06-08 05:14
it would be amazing if you made a phantom bow banner. Im currently running the only phantom bow server that is actually dedicated. I would really appreciate it. (Please note, I would like for you to put 1Pct somewhere on the banner) Thank you so much.
US Enlisted: 2013-10-07
2016-06-09 02:52
Hey I run a server on BF4 and need a banner rif you would help me out. It is a clan server and the clan is F3ARtheGREENforever (FTGF). If you can make me one that would be great. Thanks.
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2016-06-15 23:57 , edited 2016-06-16 00:03 by mobowman
Hey would you make a BF3 server banner for me asap, please/thanks?!... I want it to be a good pic in the background of Vince off Wedding Crashers & a meme to say, HAPPY B-DAY CHRIS you motorboatin SOB!.. Or if you can't fit that, you can just put, HAPPY B-DAY CHRIS!! That is if you can.. My banner will be for BF3. You can e-mail the image to my e-mail if you can at:
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