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Battlefield 4 and the Road Ahead

US Enlisted: 2012-09-21
2015-09-22 03:27
Can we get another operation to do? the phantom op is fun but I feel its just not a big enough climax for such a wonderful game... surely you guys got one more ace up your sleeves before ending the content train.
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GG Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2015-09-23 10:54
MultGoWithTheFlo said:
Just make another WWII game already, It's been ages since there has been an AAA WWII game

This all over ww2
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2015-09-25 01:45
BOTs in single player servers
"Time" is the only casualty of violent video games...
Enlisted: 2014-02-13
2015-09-25 02:12
BF 1942 maps and weapons. If not then maybe that snow map in BFBC2. Forgot the name, has been a while since I played that wonderful game.
FI Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2015-10-23 03:01
ww2 / vietnam .. or gtfo
Enlisted: 2012-03-08
2015-11-23 11:55
How about you guys quit making new updates and maps and make a way for it to be impossible for High Ping Bullet Sponge REJECTS from foreign countries to Invade U.S servers. I freaking hate that I love BF so much but Hate to play because of all the BS involved with lag and smoothing, etc... If you actually care about the players you would address this ongoing issue NOW instead of giving us another useless map or update that cannot be enjoyed due to the aforementioned.........
AU Enlisted: 2013-10-31
2015-11-24 22:22
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US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2015-11-27 03:43
Single Player Bots NOW!
"Time" is the only casualty of violent video games...
ZA Enlisted: 2012-06-23
2015-11-27 22:19
anyone else have fps drops since the last patch
CA Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2015-11-28 10:28
World War 2

No more Staff like weapons

PL Enlisted: 2012-03-19
2015-11-29 13:21
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