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A full week of 2XP action

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2015-05-19 14:19 , edited 2015-05-19 14:21 by Wonxif
Jump in the week long Battlefield 4 2XP event starting May 18 at 9AM PT / 17.00 UTC and ending May 25 at 2AM PT / 10.00 UTC.

Make sure to rank up before the spring patch arrives!
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2015-05-19 14:38

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2015-05-19 14:44
Thanks DICE! if only my battlescreen would work, lol
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2015-05-19 14:48
Noice Noice Noice
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2015-05-19 15:42
Yeh m8 Nooice.
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2015-05-19 16:09
these double XP lag events are awesome , said no real battlefielder ever
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2015-05-19 16:29
no update today then?
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2015-05-19 16:49
Please Dice give us in battlefield 6th DLC :
Kharg island / Karkand / damavand peak / grand bazar
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2015-05-19 16:54
Nice Dice ^^
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2015-05-19 17:18
Thats mean 26th spring patch :D
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2015-05-19 19:28
Dice, it's time to pump up the jam!
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2015-05-19 19:44
What do people think about more pistols coming like the g17c and the use , modern m1911, m16a3 and m4a1. And revamped maps like: Grand Bazaar, Noshar Canals, Kharg Island and Damavand Peak
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2015-05-19 21:48
the week before exams to.. oh well
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2015-05-20 02:48
I feel a hint he said make sure to level up so maybe more levels are being added in or something of the sort.
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2015-05-20 03:31
For some reason I cannot claim the Taurus dog tag now that I have accomplished the mission requirements. Any suggestions as to how the tag can be claimed? Thanks
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2015-05-20 09:41
Med_Griri said:
Please Dice give us in battlefield 6th DLC :
Kharg island / Karkand / damavand peak / grand bazar
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2015-05-20 14:19
Thank you!
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2015-05-22 09:33
To: Dice Battlefield 4 creator

Hei DICe, What is damn wrong is your BF4 Game creation, You can call this a fair games,
Letting all Vechicle on land like seat Duct getting total Trash by all
your Jet using this type of Fucking cheating hacking idiot method use Vertical 90 deg dive down
to kill all moving vehicle, Attact Boat & even your Mobile AA is totally Useless to them. Totally cant even
bleed them. How you expect us to aim them if your Mobile AA shooting angle can only reach max
65 Deg up to the Sky. Plus worst still, your 20mm & 30mm cannon max shooting range is drop from 1200m to 800m.

How you going to aim those Jet Flying at extreme far range above your head & Vertical dive down
using 900m locking Laser guided Missle to kill all your Vehicle on land like seating Duck.

See this youtube Video: []

History, Everything Vehicle stats other people complaining about, you can drop down your stats for them.
But now, you letting all those jet Killing & trash all your vehicle below. Can score up to
150/3. And you cant even Bleed those jet even 5%. You can call this a fair fight game? Ask
yourself this Question.

So kindly, update your BF4 Vehicle patch & Fix your Mobile AA & Attack boat shooting angle
range higher from 65 Deg to 85-90 Deg to counter those nasty Jet using Vertical Dive down method.

Kinldy pls fix your Mobile AA 20m & 30m Cannon shooting range back to original
1200m range as soon as possible too. So Fix it. You letting those Jet Totally
Overpowered & You cant even Bleed them.
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2015-05-24 19:32
What if DICE let us practice with friends on test range
like practice on shooting AH-6 Little Bird .tanks. jet ....without going to an empty server and practice there because people join and bother us
or if it need more players that message on screen its very annoying and we cant aim good with the hell AH-6 Little Bird
if someone here can help to contact DICE it will be so awesome
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2015-05-25 11:52
Another week please
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