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BF4: Spring Update - Your Questions Answered

US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2015-07-30 12:07
I'd like to know when the REAL problem, ping lock and the horrible hit-detection, will be resolved? Balancing is nice but seriously... 2 years later and the elephant in the room is still there.
US Enlisted: 2013-10-29
2015-07-30 17:04
I doubt any sort of ping lock will has happen for this game or the next perhaps.
7th in World for Most Sniper Kills on PS3. Derp 4 life.
US Enlisted: 2015-02-04
2015-08-04 06:03
ok is it me but LMGs are less accurate than pistols WTH is going on also the shotguns are perfect now dont nerf cause the script is realistic
BLACK ARMOUR-DICE needs to fix alot of things so im just here to remind them and show them what they need to fix
NO Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2015-08-04 14:42
XB1, has worsened since the patch my netcode has notably been worse. The removal of the network smoothing has made it strangely worse. I had pre patch a consistent positive round performance and a steady KDR increase now it plays the other way :( I'm really disappointed
CA Enlisted: 2014-05-29
2015-08-04 23:06
5 words get rid of spring patch. The patch almsot made me quit BF for good.
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2015-08-05 00:57
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CA Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2015-08-05 01:09
..... uhhhhh what
Enlisted: 2012-10-09
2015-08-05 01:23
Why are the servers down?
Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2015-08-05 01:28
^ Stats servers? ^
CA Enlisted: 2014-05-29
2015-08-05 03:33
Dice and EA you guys don't know how to balance weapons at all just because people are new to the game and are getting destroyed doesn't mean a gun is op
BR Enlisted: 2012-06-16
2015-08-05 08:34
When is the next patch? Is it in this month right? I can't wait for the night maps!!
CA Enlisted: 2013-01-11
2015-08-05 11:26
The game was broken to begin with, and now i feel the game gotten worse with this Spring Patch. Nice going DICE way to mess up the game even more.
US Enlisted: 2012-12-07
2015-08-05 14:22
guppie625 said:
This was a horrible patch should of just fixed the head glitching like you guys did and leave everything else alone. I do understand putting a timer on ucav but 60 secs is ridiculous I understand 15 secs would be more than fair for that n revert it back to 30 sec reload also should be able to use as soon as you spawn during the match again. Gun balance is plain dumb assaults and shot guns are op compared to carbines. Removing ladders was just stupid you took away dynamics of the game which separated itself from cod. Mortars should not have a deploy time if anything no more than 10 secs. I feel recoil on the guns now are lil to excessive. Fix pld to where it was actually usable for recon because you guys made flirs op now. Also idk if this happens to anybody else but with the m4 while shooting it it sometimes stops firing during fire fights while there is still ammo in the clip also can we please make the m4 have a automatic mode as well.
Completely agree with everything you said especially the issues with the m4. I use it a lot and it jams a lot. It should also have a fully auto switch also.
US Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2015-08-17 20:55
DICE are clueless. The spring patch proves to us that DICE are not real gamers.
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2015-08-17 22:16
MaXKiLLz911 said:
DICE are clueless. The spring patch proves to us that DICE are not real gamers.

Correction: DICE are clueless. The spring patch proves to us that DICE are not real PROGRAMERS!
EE Enlisted: 2012-10-28
2015-08-18 17:40
Ucavs fairly detectable via flir, idk about plr or the multicolor vision anyone aware that the mountains and the whole terrain has a extra layer of invisible coting on it just me or i cannot land any TV shots on vehicles/ just hits em like a gust of wind and doesnt even make them flinch or its a improved armor ricošette effect that just deflects 100% dmg when not hit to the window/engineturbineopening/tail...for tanks sure hit seemes to be cannon->engine connecting axel rotation that deals a sure hit and aswell the beltwheels..via watercraft TV..does anyone else have issues with singleplayer because today i went and redid the whole thing because i was missing ending assingments and also dogtags altho i cannot play opt. via chapter but have to start over from chaper one...took me a whole day to redo and at the prison part with Dima the begging resembleing locker C tower i went in and out and ended up overestimating my surroundings ending up dead and the game dyed...after 5 minutes+ that was suppose to be a resume it did not happen so i sadly had to excecute via task manager in hopes it was still there where i left of and it was altho it did not (the death happend only once and it ended up being a permanent crash, on the previous missions there were occurances where i would die but it would resume normally..)
Enlisted: 2011-11-03
2015-08-18 21:22
Maxthe222 said:
Is the L86 going to get a bigger magazine?

Not likely, nor should it.
Enlisted: 2012-04-08
2015-08-21 03:22
When you say kit specific perks and loadout resets I assume that means I'm not the only one that has had all their weapon progressions completely reset?
ID Enlisted: 2012-10-09
2015-08-29 04:54
Just revert all jet changes, i love first version of Jet. No 3rd crosshair, no back view. And also powerfull cannon that i've missed
Enlisted: 2013-04-27
2015-08-29 08:39
I totally stopped playing a month after the Spring Update. I adjusted to the dramatic changes, but THE FUN WAS GONE...

...and never returned. I used to play almost 2 hours a day. DICE, this was the worst patch EVER since I started playing Battlefield Bad Company 2.
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