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How to install Night Operations DLC

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Battlefield 4 Night Operations is a free* DLC release available across all platforms and regions for all Battlefield 4 players. Learn more about Battlefield 4 Night Operations here: []

To download and install Battlefield 4 Night Operations on PC, follow these instructions:

1. Open your Origin client and click on "Store" or head to and login
2. Search for “Night Operations” and click on the title
3. On the Battlefield 4 Night Operations page, click “add to cart”
4. Hit “checkout” on the pop-up
5. Accept the Terms & Conditions by ticking the check-box and click “pay” (do not worry, its free* - you won't be charged)
6. You are done! You will receive confirmation now and the option to download Battlefield 4 Night Operations. Once you click “download”, it will appear in the game details of BF4 under the expansions tab

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