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Battlefield 4 Community Operations is Rolling Out

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2015-11-02 17:11
I am also getting the same Ref 4008 error. When trying to buy the Comm Ops DLC from the store, I check off the agree box, and click "Pay Now". After attempting to process the order of r a second it errors out with a red box at the top saying, "That didn't work. Let's try that again. If this problem persists, wait a few minutes to see if the technical issue is resolved " and gives me the option to attempt to checkout again. I have been doing this since yesterday. What is the problem?
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2015-11-04 15:41
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2015-11-04 16:31
any new weapons and whats new on this update?thanks
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2015-11-04 17:41
Where is free battlepack?
Marek ma zawsze rację
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2015-11-15 22:56
El otro día estuve viendo un torneo de robame la chapa. En este vídeo aparecía @ea_benat jugando y utilizaba un tipo de glitch/hack para que cuando acuchillába de frente a alguien el acuchillado no pudiera coontratacarle. Me parece vergonzoso que baneen a gente por esto mismo cuando ellos son los primeros que lo hacen. Para quien no lo sepas eabenat es un admim de EA.


un saludo.

Enlace del vídeo: []

Sino pueden encontrarlo metsnse en el canal de davidpkamihumorrusso y busquen el vídeo "robando la chapa"
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I somehow can't download the map, i then get an error code 4008

Any one knows how to solve it?
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2015-11-24 09:28
Won't let me play it ! Says has to download first but NO update available?!
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2015-11-24 19:29
Spanker I had the same problem you need to put it on another hard drive and remove the game off your other. play it a couple of days and then put it back onto the drive it was first on. Then it will be ok. It was something to do with windows ten. Del
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2015-11-28 19:24
Why do I loose my in game sound all of the time?
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2015-11-29 23:30
Why dont give us gilles like bf bad company for the new map
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2015-12-19 16:45
Fixnow said:
It’s been a long road for the Community Map Project, and the Battlefield 4 community has been involved every step of the way.Tomorrow, you’ll be able to experience the final product – Battlefield 4 Community Operations is rolling out on October 27, and includes Operation Outbreak, the map you had a hand in creating. The Battlefield 4 Fall Update will be releasing on the same day, but Community Operations will be a separate free* download available from the Origin My Games tab and the PlayStation PS Store and Xbox Marketplace.

Can’t wait that week? No worries, if you want to see what sort of battles you’re in for in the upcoming DLC, check out this incredible trailer created by the immensely talented Two Scotsmen. []

Haven’t seen The Two Scotsmen’s videos? You should definitely check them out. The channel includes some absolutely brilliant cinematic trailers showing off Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline at their absolute best.

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2015-12-21 05:49
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2016-01-08 02:13
Shotime19133 said:
Why dont give us gilles like bf bad company for the new map
Maybe in the next game :)
Can't Wait for Battlefield 2016
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2016-01-14 04:46
limitlessMALAK said:
tecno70 said:
about the new patch:
"thanks" for making attack helicopters still more powerful and unassailable ...
It seems normal that a Viper can reach score like 80/3 or 93/2 in some maps like Shanghai?
DICE What does it mean for you balance?
You have to agree that something is wrong and instead continue to protect AH patch by patch.
Our server is one of the most played and appreciated in the world (you can check) because we have strict rules against helicopters OP.
You will reflect on this at least?
Sure its because the pilot and gunner are just THAT good and you are THAT bad?? Seriously, the chopper is a flying coffin so get a grip and get good

I do not agree with you. seriously, I have enough experience to say what I said. And you?
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2016-01-31 21:56
I could have set an option to the driver of any vehicle explusar the Guner
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2016-02-01 18:14 , edited 2016-02-01 18:14 by Nevaar_rgh
tecno70 said:
It seems normal that a Viper can reach score like 80/3 or 93/2 in some maps like Shanghai?

Two reasons for this to occur:

1) Team is not playing as one - this isn't the Viper's fault. Get it together.

2) You got useless (if any) AA engys on your team - Viper will soooo take advantage of this. Hell who wouldn't?.

Vipers are easy to take down unless you have a team full of useless backlot snipers. If you are geting bit by vipers, simply get a squad of engys together and bring that bitch down with **combinations** of AA gear.
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2016-02-04 14:30
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