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(TFS) The Far Side is recruiting for ps4.

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2015-10-30 15:17 , edited 2015-11-09 18:36 by studleystephen
The Far Side clan is recruiting people to play on ps4. We have around 16 or so members right now and still trying to get bigger. We are extremely relaxed and mellow. We all get on to play and enjoy ourselves. I see it as a family culture as all of us are like brothers to each other. The members are awesome. We also have a server up "The Far Side", team deathmatch with the regular maps. If you are looking for a laid back mellow clan and you think that The Far Side suits your needs, send me a message on battlelog or on PSN. This is for the PS4 console. PSN and Battleog is: studleystephen. []
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2016-06-17 01:52
I was playing with some of your members today I wanna join
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Thread is locked.