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Looking for a platoon? U.S. BF4 PS4

US Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2016-06-17 02:55
Are you looking for a mature, experienced community? Looking for a challenge to gain experience and promote within? Tactical Operations Syndicate (TOS) is the right place for you! We are a military/paramilitary based community looking for mature, like-minded gamers! We are previous members of the clan Tactical Gaming (TG) that didn't like the maturity level and decided to make a change to be more diverse, more mature and offer more support. Want to chat off the PS4? We also use DiscordApp with many channels to talk through at no cost, available on PC, iOS and Android! We are looking for members, leaders, web developers, graphic artists, and more! Currently we are only the wrecking force of 3 founding members, but are looking for more members! Our Head Quarters website is pretty limited to guests, but feel free to register and take advantage of the full site!

Come check us out today if you're interested at our community's HQ: []

Also our Battlelog Platoon page: []
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