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(1776) Sons of the Patriots, derives from a long history in which it's roots can be traced back to the early days of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and many of it's core members remain today. The clan's origins had originated threw a clan known as S13. S13 consisted of members from Australia, America and New Zealand. Not long after the release of Battlefield 3, (October 25, 2011) turmoil and disagreement within S13's leadership due to politics had soon weakened the clans infrastructure and members had begun conspiring to leave and create a whole new clan with new politics in place and the idea in which all members of S13 who wished to leave were more then welcome to join. This new clan that former squad leaders and members of S13 wished to name was, "Yankee Squad, (Y)". The creation of Yankee Squad and the new politics would ultimately become the leading factor for the birth of (1776) Sons of the Patriots. Members of Yankee Squad were defined not just by leaders and by who had more say but also by two groups, casual players with a clan tag of (Y) and more serious players with a clan tag of (1776). Yankee Squad's days however did not last long and in yet another series of disagreements based on political and moral issues within the clan, it had been decided there needed to be another change and thus (1776) Sons of the Patriots was born. Threw out all the political and egotistical blunder that you can find on the road leading to the creation of (1776), lessons were learned. The politics that make up (1776) Sons of the Patriots are simply this...There are no politics, there are no leaders, everyone is equal. Not one individual has the authority or say on who comes or goes in this clan. If we have to vote on something then we will but mostly you will find friends who just want to have fun doing whatever it is they feel like doing. Rather it is playing serious or just goofing off. If you don't like someone then that is fine but don't stir shit and make a scene in front of everyone because no one want's to deal with that shit and should not have to. We all talk shit to each other and give each other a hard time so if you are thin skinned then maybe this clan is not for you princess. You are free to come and you are free to go.


BTW I'm Ricehammer in game,
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