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➨catalystGaming.BF4 8v8

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#1 ESL 1on1 Jet Ladder (Mattt)
#1 ESL Stealth Jet Test Cup (Mattt)
#2 Nordic League Season 1 Div 1
#3 ESL 2on2 Heli Battle Cup #1 (MAVE + AXE)

➨Achievements (BF3)
#1 Nordic League Season 6 Div1
#1 ESL 8v8 Cup #2
#1 ESL 3v3 Close Quarter (Tim,PUNCHRULLE,Assie,CoRE)
#1 ClanBase Ladder 8v8
#1 TCL 1v1 Tank Cup #1 (TankAce)
#2 CEVO Takeover Tournament 8v8
#2 ClanBase Summer Cup 8v8
#3 Nordic League Season 5 Div1
#3 Nordic League Season 4 Div1
#3 ESL Tank Cup 3v3 (PUNCHRULLE,ABRAMS,d0c)
#3 TCL 1v1 Tank Season 2 (TankAce)
#3 TCL 1v1 Tank Season 1 (Laimface)
#FLABSLAB Season I membership (Nudlar)
#FLABSLAB Season II membership (Mattt + SMAWLER)

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Welcome to GOLMUD - 64p - 24\7 -CRABSERVER for fun-
https://goo.gl/qWRzDV [goo.gl]

no bans for skill!
il y a 2 ans • 0 J'aime
Remember CELTICGIRLY? Have fun guys xD http://cybernatclairerobertson.blogspot.com/2015/11/episode-1-unmasking.html?showComment=1449317679603 [cybernatclairerobertson.blogspot.com]
il y a 4 ans • 0 J'aime
what the hell? what's up why am I not in the platoon (azor-)
il y a 4 ans • 0 J'aime
Rippers platoon :)
il y a 4 ans • 0 J'aime
KR3MMM Say hello to its management in a helicopter?
il y a 4 ans • 0 J'aime
SO take Notice useless Kiddies! Youre Member" Kr3mma" is from now Blacklisted in whole Bf4! Also marked as Dirtyplayer! We prefeer you stop insult us with youre 3rd Partytool!Also thanks for the nice vids, shared to every EU Serveradmin as Proof If you not stop it immediatly your ID is shared to every EU Serverasdmin! Oh in case if you rename, dont worry we track you!
il y a 4 ans • 0 J'aime
2 / 4 commentaires Plus d'infos
Nobody here has any anti-cheat bans or cheats in any way. Keep crying over a game i find it funny
4 years plus tôt
4 years plus tôt
Anyone willing to help me in scout I have above average stats!
il y a 5 ans • 0 J'aime
Piss off Cheaterpussys!
il y a 5 ans • 2 J'aime
someone is mad... cuz bad?
5 years plus tôt
KR3MM FUCKING CHEATER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPORT TO EA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
il y a 5 ans • 3 J'aime
5 years plus tôt
do you guys still exist :D ?
i miss pub stomping with you guys :I
il y a 5 ans • 0 J'aime
KR3MM that you will be one stumbles x1 scout heli?
il y a 5 ans • 0 J'aime
Kick kr3mm for cheating from your platoon
il y a 5 ans • 1 J'aime
2 / 3 commentaires Plus d'infos
this guy again, have been whining all them 2400 hours for cheaters aplis :D
5 years plus tôt
dude, go fuck yourself.
5 years plus tôt
Здравствуйте! есть вариант сыграть клан варс если да то прошу кинуть дружбу и обсудить дальнейшее. Спасибо
Hello! there is an option to play clan Vars if yes then please throw friendship and discuss further. thank you
il y a 5 ans • 0 J'aime
il y a 5 ans • 0 J'aime
hahah fuck off XD
5 years plus tôt
get rekt :D
5 years plus tôt
Guys here read about suppression and give feedback alot of "other people" like suppression, I think we all agree it has to be a visual effect only or write your opinion:
http://cte.battlelog.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2985968005114482760/1 [cte.battlelog.com]
il y a 5 ans • 0 J'aime
hi guys im an aspiring heli player willing to learn from u guys pls teach me if u ever have free time plssss teach me bye, thanks
il y a 5 ans • 2 J'aime
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Raider will teach you, just like I taught him when I was his heli mentor.
5 years plus tôt
5 years plus tôt
Legend has arrived
il y a 5 ans • 4 J'aime
2 / 3 commentaires Plus d'infos
tomato-power incomming!!!! Still one of the best players
6 years plus tôt
dis guy again
6 years plus tôt
Szymcio, mój mistrzu <3 który to raz w cG ?
il y a 6 ans • 0 J'aime
6 years plus tôt
Hello cG, someone is saying that you will not play BNL season 2 is that correct ?
//BNL admin
il y a 6 ans • 0 J'aime
I think they will
6 years plus tôt