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Site web : www.jedigaming.org • Créée : 27-02-2014

4 695 504 / 3 306 000

4 695 504
1697 h 10 m
Founded on 21st Dec 2005 as a just-for-fun group, we are now one of the leading and largest gaming clans in Singapore for several games such as Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Company of Heroes, etc.

Our members comprise all age groups from students to working adults across all countries sharing the same passion, to have fun!

Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/JEDI-Gaming/154479357928505 [facebook.com]

Talk to us on our Forum - http://www.jedigaming.org/forums/ [jedigaming.org]


Battlefield 4 bug LOCKER

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m9qBpW2IlI [youtube.com]
il y a 2 ans • 1 J'aime
We wanna have a 5v5 friendly match with your clan.contact me.thank you~~~~
il y a 4 ans • 1 J'aime
any requirements to join JEDI? I am really interested :D
il y a 4 ans • 1 J'aime
^ignore this. sorry
4 years plus tôt
any requirements to join JEDI? I am really interested :D
il y a 4 ans • 1 J'aime
Hello everyone,

Every Asian and Oceanians Teams are kindly invited to the 8v8 Conquest Open Cup Asia / Oceania hosted by MyOnlineWAR.eu!
We are trying our best to bring 8v8 to Asia (after ESL and BNL gave no support) and are trying our best to support it with this cup!
If you have a line-up of at least 8 players with 2 tank drivers (who can also drive IFVs), an attack heli crew, a jet pilot and at least 3 infantry players, you can sign your team up now!
The deadline for registration is set on Saturday September 11th which will also be the day the Cup starts!

For more information, please visit this page : http://my-online-war.eu/?page_id=295 [my-online-war.eu] as well as the subpages. To sign your team up please create an account on our forums, make sure you have read all the rules and regulations, and make a new thread after completing the Official Application Form available on our website! The forum address to sign up is : http://forum.my-online-war.eu/viewforum.php?f=22 [forum.my-online-war.eu]

Cheers and happy (competitive) gaming!

il y a 4 ans • 1 J'aime
EDIT : the deadline has been changed to September 14th for sign ups!!!
4 years plus tôt
cao ni ma
il y a 5 ans • 1 J'aime
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^^^^ RUV U!
5 years plus tôt
4 years plus tôt
Sup ladies and gents,
Would like to invite you troopers to play at our server, help populate them~
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/bcd27626-1f18-426c-a824-33fb99f7fc0e/VAT-VERY-ABLE-TROOPERS-CQL/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
il y a 5 ans • 1 J'aime

Dear all,

Kindly pls take note that Synarchy-Freek, Synarchy Xypher and forsakenblox are found guilty of performing DDOS. The affected servers are those in Singapore and Hongkong. They had also accused Ignite E sports of mass DDOSing the servers while they are the actual ones masterminding such disgraceful and illegal acts. Therefore Synarchy-Freek for forsakenblox had been expelled from LOFR. Recently they took revenge on us by reporting a mumber of LOFR members to BF4db for stat spading.

Please see the evidences in the following links.

http://moonradiance.imgur.com/ [moonradiance.imgur.com]

Read in the sequence
1) Confession of DDOS attacker on bf4 servers
2) Evidence of Synarchy insider on Synarchy-Freek
3) Other Evidences performed by the DDOSer
4) Interogation and conclusion of Synarchy-Freek
5) Verdict on Synarchy Freek by LOFR Council

Most of the communities in Asia are gathering together to boycott
Server Address: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/PC/cff9d0c1-9411-43e2-a8b7-40cece287f04/Synarchy-DOMINATION-NO-SHOTGUN-C4/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Please do your part for the communities in BF4 arena and for standing up against such disgraceful and illegal acts.
il y a 5 ans • 1 J'aime
Hi can I join? Was previous SKYW4LKER playing BF2412
il y a 5 ans • 1 J'aime
can i join?
il y a 5 ans • 1 J'aime
i've been looking to join SG clan invite me plz
il y a 5 ans • 1 J'aime
can i join ur clan?
il y a 5 ans • 2 J'aime
Are you guys recruiting?
il y a 5 ans • 0 J'aime
hi looking to join up if possible
il y a 5 ans • 1 J'aime