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Hi guys! We are announcing a Battlefield 4 tournament with a prize pool! "Rubicon 8x8 Cup Autumn 2019"

Here are the main points of the upcoming event:

- Registration http://rubigaming.com/forums/topic/2397-registratciiaregistration/ [rubigaming.com]

- How to register to the forum for team capitan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTfFwCvDmcM&feature=youtu.be [youtube.com] ATTENTION!!! at the end we apply exactly for this tournament Rubicon 8x8 Cup Autumn 2019

- The tournament will be held from September 2019 until its full completion. The exact dates will be announced later.

- We play 8V8 CONQUEST SMALL Detailed rules can be found here in this same branch , but in the other topic http://rubigaming.com/forums/topic/2398-rulespravila/ [rubigaming.com]
- Start will be given in the case of registration of at least 8 teams, the type of tournament grid will depend on the total number of teams.

- At our tournament there is a prize fund, not just that would be a lot of money, but remember at least one tournament in 8V8 CONQUEST SMALL where there were at least some prizes...

- The prize fund is open and any team, participant, any person can add to it some amount of money, details and all methods of transfer are listed below.

- At the moment(1.08.19) the prize fund is about 700$

- The total amount will be distributed between 1 and 2 places in the ratio of 70 to 30 and transferred to the specified team captain details.

- If you have any questions(team captains only) add http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/ru/user/666TractoR_GG/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
11 mesi fa • 0 Mi piace
Hey ExA_Svatranghino you say , lock to my stats ! ok , but i see nothing that is good XD im better and you call me a cheater , ROFL PLAY HARDER and your friend Insult me, only when you lose !? Play harder Noob and Grow up ! Thx for Fight
2 anni fa • 1 Mi piace
Qualcuno può aggiungermi al plotone? Grazie! :)
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Guys add me
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Can you guys come to you?))
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
ExA_Enrybaster ; 1 VS 1 CASUAL?
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Enry you promised me too and you declined request.. :(
3 years fa
Confirmed...Enrybaster a is fucking casual
3 years fa
Buongiorno EXA, sareste interessati a un 8v8 conquista regole BCL ? Aggiungetemi se interessati.
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Ciao, non possiamo partecipare, non abbiamo player disponibili.
3 years fa
posso entrare a far parte del plotone XD ?
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Hey guys, how can I get into your teamspeak?
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Hello guys, good news, Russian cyber playground "TonicGame" organizes the tournament in 8x8 format bcl, even be not a big prize money and more than that, every game will be streaming organizers of this tournament on their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PogranecFrags/videos [youtube.com] .I very waiting for you at this tournament=), and here is the link to the website for registration http://tonicgame.ru/pages/bf4snow.html [tonicgame.ru]
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Come on u fucking 1.9 kd ratio shitbucker 1v1
3 anni fa • 2 Mi piace
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Oske ce l'ha con me.. perchè in un'area allagata ha preso schiaffi e quindi rosikava come un dannato ahahahah, non pensavo arrivasse a scrivere pure sul plotone... comunque grande per il video! lo hai lisciato a dovere ( sei il mio idolo ) :P
3 years fa
Ciao samu, grazie dei complimenti, non ti preoccupare che il pisellino polacco era incazzato con me, dopo un po' di colonscopie con lo smaw è pure ragequittato dalla partita ahahahahhaa che poveraccio.
3 years fa
ciao raga
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
mi puoi acettare
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Posso entrare?seguo ExA_Kernan su youtube
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
confirm the results of the official game!
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
sorry you hacking wanker
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
ExA_Emanuel : Fuck Dreckcheater Platoon.
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
3 anni fa • 2 Mi piace
Play of the game : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hTRW5m_QZQ [youtube.com]
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace