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Sito web: www.nextgaming.it • Creato: 18-10-2014

449 / 43.000

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1st PLACE - BF4 (Xone) 5on5 Defuse Cup #1 ESL
1st PLACE - BF4 (Xone) 5on5 Dom/Obl/CTF #1 DeSBL
2nd PLACE - BF4 (Xone) 8on8 Rush Weekly Cup #6 ESL
2nd PLACE - BF4 (Xone) 5on5 Domination Winter Cup 2015 ESL
2nd PLACE - BF4 (Xone) 5on5 Squad Obl. Cup #1 ESL
1st PLACE - BFH (Xone) 5on5 Rescue Cup #3 G4G


- http://www.nextgaming.it/nextgaming-dogma-nuovo-team-bf4-xbox-one/ [nextgaming.it]

- http://www.nextgaming.it/uscita-di-battlefield-hardline-il-team-nxg-dogma-e-pronto/ [nextgaming.it]


5vs5 organisation ? http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/fr/platoons/view/3784900265068394642/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
4 anni fa • 1 Mi piace
please send a private message to me or to one of my team mates on XBL. thank you
4 years fa
I give you DICE by TrackerWho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ2LdLXf81U [youtube.com] Please consider donating to Swoopty-VI who is a Battlefield Friend and is fighting a rare and fast cancer requiring bone marrow transplant. https://www.gofundme.com/Transplant4Allison [gofundme.com] http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2979150494204995676/last/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
agamennone its me darkaleexz, add me on this account please
3 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
hello guysin Our german league (DeSBL) started the 3. Battlefield 4 Domination Season
You can register here: http://www.desbl.de/index.php?page=Public&site=showpreseasonteams [desbl.de]

best regards

4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Your friendlist is full chinook
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
24/7 Locker EU << no aim assist for you infantry whores ;)
4 anni fa • 1 Mi piace
r u kidding me??? 1st serious server in bf4 history *_*
4 years fa
12v12 this weekend?
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
please send a private message to me or to one of my team mates on XBL. thank you
4 years fa
Are you guys still doing 5v5s on the 360? if so PDHM would like to set up a 5v5 domination at some point.. a hasty response would be greatly appreciated..
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
sorry for the late mate, we are only on X1...
4 years fa
Hello Community

I will Show you an Little overview about the coming ESL Xbox One Quick Cups.

We will start all Cups at 17.00 Clock CET and we have for every match one hour.

15.02.2015 5on5 Domination Weekly Cup #3 Europe
22.02.2015 5on5 Obliteration Weekly Cup #4 Europe
01.03.2015 5on5 Domination Weekly Cup #5 Europe
new 08.03.2015 8on8 Rush Weekly Cup #6 Europe

all cups here:
http://play.eslgaming.com/battlefield/xbox/ [play.eslgaming.com]

New New New we will start an Rush Cup 8vs8. At the Time will create the Rules for the Rush Cup, if you have any Idears write something in the ESL Forum.

At last we will tell you that we have an PS4 5vs5 Domination Ladder.

sign in
http://play.eslgaming.com/battlefield/playstation/bf4-ps4/open/ladder-5on5-domination-europe/ [play.eslgaming.com]

so far,

ESL BF Staff
4 anni fa • 1 Mi piace
CQ scrim this weekend?
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
we are full until 02/15
4 years fa
possible bf4 lan in april, if youre interested write in this post please: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/de/forum/threadview/2979150494100436960/last/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
4 anni fa • 4 Mi piace
where is the lan event?
4 years fa
Id like to reschedule that CQ scrim for the weekend after next if we could 1/17/2015
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
No problem for us,so DG vs PINEAPPLW EXPRESS on 1/17/2015 ok?
4 years fa
we can play that CQ scrim on the 10th 12v12
4 years fa
Hello guys, I need to know what maps we are playing this Sat. I have tried sending messages but no reply.
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Hello Lex my fault im offline from 27/12 to 2/01 so i send u a message tomorrow dude
4 years fa
Cool emblem :)
4 anni fa • 3 Mi piace
yeah badass emblem :D
4 years fa
@l rC0DdI0 DG @ l ChiNooK DG l I was told to contact you for a possible small conquest match. I was wondering if you guys are interested. Please add me in Blog to discuss further. Thank you!
4 anni fa • 1 Mi piace
we are ready
4 years fa
Hi guys!!

remember, tonight at 22:00 CET scrim : MaG vs WRTH

Server name: BEL League
Server pass: belbel

See you guys :D!
4 anni fa • 1 Mi piace
4 years fa

The new European League BEL are comming, 5vs5 domination!

¡¡300$ for the best squad!!

Visit www.belbattlefield4.com for more info

¿Are you ready?

4 anni fa • 5 Mi piace
we r ready!!
4 years fa
Hi dudes, welcome to BEL league.
i need a tlf number of leader platoon , for joined at whatsapp group.
send me by MP or inscripcion@bebattlefield4.com
see you
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
"BEL Admind":
We now have 10 teams entered in the tournament if all goes well it will launch soon. want to thank all staff for their dedication and great acceptance .
Take this opportunity to announce that the prize for the winner of the championship will be 250€ .
4 anni fa • 1 Mi piace