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Creato: 27-02-2014

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TeamSpeak ts3.mtnez.net:9231
ask for the password.


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Hi guys! We are announcing a Battlefield 4 tournament with a prize pool! "Rubicon 8x8 Cup Autumn 2019"

Here are the main points of the upcoming event:

- Registration http://rubigaming.com/forums/topic/2397-registratciiaregistration/ [rubigaming.com]

- How to register to the forum for team capitan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTfFwCvDmcM&feature=youtu.be [youtube.com] ATTENTION!!! at the end we apply exactly for this tournament Rubicon 8x8 Cup Autumn 2019

- The tournament will be held from September 2019 until its full completion. The exact dates will be announced later.

- We play 8V8 CONQUEST SMALL Detailed rules can be found here in this same branch , but in the other topic http://rubigaming.com/forums/topic/2398-rulespravila/ [rubigaming.com]
- Start will be given in the case of registration of at least 8 teams, the type of tournament grid will depend on the total number of teams.

- At our tournament there is a prize fund, not just that would be a lot of money, but remember at least one tournament in 8V8 CONQUEST SMALL where there were at least some prizes...

- The prize fund is open and any team, participant, any person can add to it some amount of money, details and all methods of transfer are listed below.

- At the moment(1.08.19) the prize fund is about 700$

- The total amount will be distributed between 1 and 2 places in the ratio of 70 to 30 and transferred to the specified team captain details.

- If you have any questions(team captains only) add http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/ru/user/666TractoR_GG/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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You created a NEW ACCOUNT to fuck me over? You are spending money on me??? Holy shit, get a life you loser!
1 year fa
Rene I hate to bust your bubble, but i am not kneegrowplease, I am TeamRubicon, but not this guy. So you are not living rent free in my head, but if it makes you feel liked, keep believing it...
1 year fa
Yo to all you Silk Road lovers out there that cannot play on any server anymore (because you are banned all the time with no reason, or the lagging shit hits the fan, or there are only cheaters around, or there just aren't any more Silk Road servers anymore): Go check out our new, 24/7 Silk Road | No Rules | Fast Spawn | 1pStart server here:
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/04e349f8-f6f6-4c32-93a4-e1e344fafe22/HOT-CHICKS-Silk-CQL-only-No-Rules-Fast-spawn-1p-Start/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Bookmark it! Play there! No more lags, no more rules, no more shitty admins banning you while cheaters are roaming free!

Brought to you by just a bunch of players that love Silk Road too... See you there! Tell your friends!
1 anno fa • 1 Mi piace
(R6V2) Kavaiskii : Fuck Cheater & Hacker Platoon
1 anno fa • 1 Mi piace
I would like to join ya'll. Let me know in battlefield 4.
1 anno fa • 0 Mi piace
Hey dudes, whats up!?
Where are you guys? When we'll play again?
2 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
Battlefield 4 bug LOCKER

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m9qBpW2IlI [youtube.com]
2 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
I miss the Vegas series. Who am I kidding, I miss Rogue Spear. lol
3 anni fa • 1 Mi piace
3 years fa
Just wanna thank rainbowscrub for the awesome trolling sesh tonight..
Right on broham! Very gimmsle'esque but without the personal timeout
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Приглашаем на наш новый сервер,хардкор,все режимы и все карты.
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/ru/servers/show/pc/b0839d98-8545-4fb8-a864-cadbbaedf046/FUNgamersRUS-HARD-ALL-MAPS-ALL-MODES/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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'Papamidnight' has stupid thought about how this game is lol. I don't know what this platoon is made for. but I am very sure 'Papamidnight' is absolutely having some useless pride about himself.. you better cut him
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STRYKER-KFC SUPER Thanks what a Solid Platoon Ya'll Have :super thanks on the platoon join invite , didn't see that coming you guy's are well known i'v dealt w/ your platoon many many many times and many time's i got my ass handed to me by your wipper snappers lol ya'll R r r fun . I do love the platoon i'm in i'm not sure how doing two would go sense i get so very involved with the platoon i join , very committed that i don't think i can commit to two . Your invite is very tempting tho i need to think about it real good . these guy's i play for are freaken real Good too like your platoon
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Such a tough one , love the maps ya'll play
4 years fa
Hello everyone!
Tired of the mindless teammates? Weak opponents? Tired of not adequate Admin? Want to raise your skill? There is a great option! Army of Sand opens his training camp in the mode of superiority. Here are all the popular card, no restrictions on weapons and classes.

http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/e2e00df6-013a-46db-a5ad-91e9b68513c1/Army-of-Sand-Hardcore-Domination/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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Whats up,

Us awful baddies/hackers/newbs/no lifers over at SWX have saved up all the change we found in our couches, and stole from the starbucks tip-jar, placed it all into the coinstar machine at Wal-Mart and came up with this~~~~

http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/d70b14f5-642b-459c-bfa9-2d88c96c83df/SwX-Gaming-24-7-Golmud-Civil-War-US-vs-US-Fast-Vehicle-Spawn/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

A whole server all to us!
We could use some help getting it populated and having a good time. It's an "Official" server right now so EA controls the admin. We hope you guys will join us on the Battlefield soon!
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Nice squad play guys
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
One of your members, WingManDown, was repeatedly griefing me and others on VI's Goldmond server today. Specifically, C4 teamkilling the scout heli, so that he could try and take it. He was warned, then kicked, next step is ban. Just a heads up
4 anni fa • 0 Mi piace
oh woah look at this 3 weeks ago same douchebag, TALK TO HIM ON TS AND SLAP HIS STUPID ASS. That or he gets community banned really soon and i'll see to it.
4 years fa
I like playing with yall, but i dont do platoons. Thanks for the invite though
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5 anni fa • 1 Mi piace
nice shots
5 years fa
Good playing with you guys today. If you want to send me your TS3 info I will jump on. Maybe you guys can teach me how to run a tank better. :)

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