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ウェブサイト: www.facebook.com/groups/mykuclan/ • 作成済み: 2015-02-03

36,198 / 77,000

677h 44m
"初音ミクFirst Sound from The Future" our first platoon available http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/3225887705369142709/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
This is a platoon for all the Miku fans for all platforms.
You don't have to be competitive (It's optional). It's more about having fun and enjoying the game.
Enjoy her songs as we battle.
We will do joint operations with our brothers platoons, we are a community, no matter what language, nation or region, music is for all!!

Allow us to introduce our platoons ". We are world warriors, and we have spent 10 years together in different games. We are an international group, so every one is welcome to join, no matter level of skill, Treat other members with respect!, also different platforms are available, that´s the reason why we have chosen 10 founders in order to assist you in every platform and language. We develop servers according to continent and platform, and we don´t play under pressure, our slogan is play for fun! if you are agree with that you are welcome, yours truly Jean Kashiro and Xachou


For Destiny Player:
http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Forum/230487 [bungie.net]

For Modern Warfare Cod Player:
https://profile.callofduty.com/cod/login [profile.callofduty.com]


x-20Ry low change team ahahahah
but he is good sucker
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/ru/battlereport/show/1/816204660240968896/844731416/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
7 ヶ月前 • 0 いいね!
and mb cheat cause 40/46 shots in the head ahahah
7 months 前
x-20Ry -check it cheater
7 ヶ月前 • 1 いいね!
To bad no one plays 360 anymore
11 ヶ月前 • 1 いいね!
i do
8 months 前
Applied, looks like the perfect platoon c:
11 ヶ月前 • 0 いいね!
everyone having a good time
1 年前 • 0 いいね!
i apply i have a 2.3+ k.d 73% k/l ratio
1 年前 • 0 いいね!
espero que me acepten soy muy fan de miku .....
saludos desde argentina :)
1 年前 • 1 いいね!
Saludos Gabriel :)
1 year 前
I was originally in the Luka platoon so I would like to rejoin please.
1 年前 • 1 いいね!
thanks for allowing me to join.
1 year 前
applied! :D
1 年前 • 0 いいね!
I play BF4 on pc. =3 But my psn id is chaosmasouki. please add me on psn too. =3
1 year 前
I'd like to join
1 年前 • 0 いいね!
welcome :)
1 year 前
I'd like to join !!
1 年前 • 1 いいね!
I would like to join
1 年前 • 0 いいね!
Hello comrades! I was wondering if I could have a second opinion on the machine guns mounted coaxially on tanks. I know that the LMG fires the quickest and uses 7.62 NATO rounds, while the HMG has a much slower firing rate but fires the massive .50 caliber MG rounds. In other words one is slower but packs more punch, and the other is quicker but doesn't do much damage. It seems to be an issue of quantity or quality. In your guy's opinions, which is better? The HMG or the LMG? Which should I be using, or should I be using something else as a secondary weapon? Please let me know what you think. See you all on the battlefield!
2 年前 • 0 いいね!
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Through my experience HMG is much better, a couple bullets in the right places and they die, especially if they are already injured, the LMG might shoot faster but takes to many bullets to kill.
1 year 前
Depends, HMG for distance and LMG for fire rate. Depends on the player too. For instance I found both are useless compared to the Stagge shell. Extra shots to Tanks
1 year 前
is it possible i can join this clan(i love hatsune miku)
1 年前 • 0 いいね!
Hello Everyone! I'm LittlePipII and I'm thinking of joining this platoon.
2 年前 • 1 いいね!
welcome aboard :)
2 years 前
is good have Clan brother, also I like recruitment from all systems, Congratulations>^_^<
2 年前 • 3 いいね!