New Battlefield 4 PC update out now

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Today we are rolling out a new PC update for Battlefield 4. This patch will address several stability and balancing issues, graphical glitches, repair rate speeds, and more. You will find the full patch notes below, and as always, in the Control Room.

Jan 13 PC Game Update Notes

  • Various fixes for improving general stability
  • Fixed a memory leak issue occurring after level shutdowns, which could result in a out-of-memory crash in longer play sessions
  • Additional fix for the “sound loop” deadlock when running High/Ultra graphics settings
  • Added a warning for using Legacy AMD drivers that were out of date
  • Fixed a player feedback timing issue where blood was appearing before other damage indicators, and before damage was actually done
  • Fixed a bug where players’ rank icons on the scoreboard would not be updated
  • Fix for Asian users unable to start Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 on Windows 8.1
  • Normalized repair rates across all vehicles. Vehicles with lower health points, like aircraft and transport vehicles, now repair more slowly than before
  • Fixed problem with killer health in kill card not being correctly updated (showing 100% health even though the soldier was hurt)
  • Fix for friendly marker not always showing when needed to, resulting in players shooting team members
  • Fixed a bug where a M1 Abrams Coaxial HMG ammo box was occasionally blocking the driver’s camera
  • Increased damage by 25% for the Stealth Jet 20mm cannons.
  • Stealth Jets now have more similar handling attributes to each other. F35 & J-20 are slightly more agile, Su-50 is less agile.
  • Attack Jets now have more similar handling attributes to each other, and all 3 are now slightly less agile than earlier
  • Fixed camera glitch when switching weapons while moving in crouch
  • Fixed an occasional bug where players could experience intermittent engine sound dropouts when driving wheeled IFVs
  • Fix for player spawning under the map when deploying on Lancang Dam
  • Fixed flickering in map and minimap on Rogue Transmission and Operation Locker
DICE PLEASE! FIX VERY BAD RANGE OF DRAWING! The game is very much evident bad detail of objects in the distance and middle distance. Sometimes some objects appear three feet from you. The area is often drawn right before your eyes, in Battlefileld 3 but this was very rare. I recorded some of the problem areas, which are in the game a lot. Please note the rocks, stones, debris, landscape [] [] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ДА СКОЛЬКО МОЖНО - исправте вы наконец баг с графикой, доставили постоянно появляющееся перед носом обекты, и постоянно формирующийся ландшафт в паре метров от себя
1 down 99 more to go
Shut up with all those "Fix the game/netcode/bugs..."...They're doing what they can.It wasnt DICE's fault on the first place,it was EA's fault.And if you dont like this game,go play the crappy Call of Shit Dogs,lol.
"This patch will address several stability issues". Guys, I don't mean to be a smart-aleck but you've been saying that constantly for 5 years. What does 'address' mean? You sit down at DICE HQ with a Coke & a cigarette & discuss? In BF3, I wrote a post about your transparency regarding 'should be', 'may be', 'could be' news posts. Stop being aloof & give us results that are succinct & written in perfectly spoken English pls. .... "This patch WILL address 70% of stability issues" for example. Please stop playing the political commentary card. It's old.... 5 years old.
good I love bf
imagine u buy a new car, go to pick it up and bam you are given a rusty bike welcome 2 how I feel every time I turn on my computer
The game is still a fucking JOKE!!!!!!
so nothing was updated. netcode is absolute crap right now and you proceed with vehicle balancing. half of the issues were said to be fixed in previous patches. Are you guys lost the ability to code a decent game? The whole fucking Dice team is supposedly fixing damn game, and you manage this? Concentrate on fucking main issues, which is netcode.
Region Locked gameplay !!! No more high ping lagging and freezing up the game !!! sorry guys but until you can figure out how to not have lag with high pingers then lock the regions !! its bullshit when im playing and my ping is 20 and some asshole with 200 + ping is on the same server ? fucking bullshit !!! I was playing the other day and some fucker had a ping of 860 !! Fuck off set a goddamned ping limit you fucking assholes ! You should be fucking sued for putting this garbage product out you fucking cunts !!!
Don't you like it as it is? Don't play it!
Was this game just released like last week or last month, was there an alpha and a beta test done?. hmmmm, after 17 fucking server updates and numerous client patches....Do we really know what is going on Dice????? Do we even care what is going on Dice???? Do we have a reputation to preserve Dice???? Then why the fuck after all this time, it's still in the state that it is in?. I'm surprised at what is happening in the tech industry these days. Seems like everyone is getting away with doing a 1/2 assed fucking job.
Now for a few others still not fixed... 1. The revived when using a bi-pod and it will not work 2. Commander Supply drops not making it to earth on Operation Locker, or remove it from commander. 3. Support can not get more nades when carrying Mortor or UCAV. 4. NET-CODE so I can actually shoot a person and hit the hit-boxes instead of the model. Also so when a person is facing me I will not get knifed with no way to defend it. 4-B. If you are not going to fix the net code at least make 70-100 ping work a bit better rather than 200+ ping and less than 40 pings, although I can understand the less than 40 pingers. 5. If FAIRFIGHT is going to kick for people going to places not allowed FIX the map. 5-B Fairfight should also keep people out of servers with 200 and up pings It is amazing to see some of the high pingers seem to take so many hits and live and kill much quicker that many lower pings. Thanks. PS when is this Paid BETA going to be over and the real game released?
How about that. A update without mention. Netcode fix? I'd say NO.
yay its broken again
for months... every time I join a server, it's routine could not join server could not join server could not join server could not join server, etc, etc............. finally joins server new patch... could not join server BF4 has stopped working
Fix the disappearing crosshairs/hitmarkers please.. Most annoying bug left, for me.
Once again you placate the Stinger/IGLA noobs by changing the repairs. Are you guys just stupid? Do you even play the game? For **** sake, you are making it that much harder for pilots when what you need to be doing is releasing a video showing the noobs how to work as a team. You guys are incredibly inept at your jobs since you obviously don't play your own game.
This is bs. I just saw that i downoaded the same patch on january 9th. now it wont install, browser keeps complaining that i install the plugin after i already did so 4 times. Just when u think that it cant get worse ea/dice roll out an abomination. time to sue . pls just roll out properly tested shit and/or fire the testers who appreoved the horror show.
nice try but needs lot more EA
Fix netcode and snip STRAIGHT PULL !!!!!
Come on guys dont thank them for fixing their own mess! They should begging for our forgiveness!
Are you joking? You've fixed hardly any of the main issues with the game. No fixes to rego. No further fixes to defuse. No major performance fixes.
I hope this patch... FIXES THE GAME....
3 months on and still broken, see you in another 3 months we might have a finish game ?? i guess not -_- hands up who's going to buy bf5 ?????
That's it? Is that all you can show for a month of being in the dark? Wow.
Second Assault please

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